Home Tech Real-Time Stem Separation Plugin for Your DAW
Real-Time Stem Separation Plugin for Your DAW
stem separation

Real-Time Stem Separation Plugin for Your DAW

Home Tech Real-Time Stem Separation Plugin for Your DAW

PEEL STEMS is a new plugin that brings powerful stem separation technology to your digital audio workstation (DAW).

This stem separation plugin allows you to isolate different parts of a mixed audio track, such as vocals, drums, bass, and other instruments, in real-time.

Key Features:

  1. Real-time Separation: PEEL STEMS works as you play your audio, with minimal delay.
  2. Wide Compatibility: It works with most popular DAWs that support VST3, AU, or AAX plugins.
  3. Stem Control: You can mute, solo, or adjust the volume of individual stems (like vocals or drums) within a mixed track.
  4. Visual Feedback: The Soundfield Display shows you where each stem sits in the frequency range and stereo field.
  5. Focus EQ: This unique feature lets you isolate and process specific parts of the audio by drawing on the display.

Main Uses:

  1. Remove: Easily take out vocals or other elements from a mixed track.
  2. Rebalance: Adjust the levels of different elements in a finished mix.
  3. Remix: Extract specific parts of a track to use in new productions.
  4. Refine: Apply effects to isolated parts of the audio for creative sound design.

PEEL STEMS is based on zplane’s STEMS EFFICIENT technology, optimized for low-latency processing. While it does need to “read ahead” to separate the audio, most DAWs can automatically compensate for this slight delay.

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The plugin is available now for $69.00. As part of their introductory sale, you can avail it for $52 till July 31.


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