Home Tech Tech News Sinevibes Flare Joins The Korg Multi Engine
Sinevibes Flare Joins The Korg Multi Engine
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Sinevibes Flare Joins The Korg Multi Engine

Home Tech Tech News Sinevibes Flare Joins The Korg Multi Engine

Sinevibes Flare offers a revolutionary way to harness the power of additive synthesis on Korg’s Prologue, Minilogue XD, and NTS-1 synthesizers.

This innovative SDK plugin simplifies the complexities of additive synthesis, allowing users to create and manipulate sounds with ease. With its user-friendly interface and wide capabilities, Sinevibes Flare is a lightweight essential for your music production toolkit.

Sinevibes is a music production software company that was launched in 2006 by Artemiy Pavlov. They are best known for their work with Korg, Native Instruments, Output, Roland, and countless other trusted names in the industry. The Korg Multi Engine is an open system that allows users to add digital oscillators and effects created by third-party companies, such as Sinevibes, to compatible devices.

The plugin works with 8 sine wave partials. Sinevibes Flare was designed to include full aliasing suppression to ensure the highest level of quality possible. Users will be able to take advantage of harmonic pitch ratio curves and spectrum trimming parameters for tonal shaping. Built into the plugin are an envelope generator and LFO to modulate the pitch, spectral trim (Operating as a brick-wall low-pass filter), and spectral curve parameters. These parameters allow users to customize their sound to produce timbre, atonal, or metallic effects.

Sinevibes included a lag filter to ensure a clean, seamless, and fluid output by smoothing out abrupt changes in parameter values. This feature is especially valuable during live performances or detailed sound design sessions when precise control over modulation is crucial.

For users who are new to additive synthesis, Flare includes 20 presets to kickstart users’ workflow, making it easier to experiment with different sounds and textures. Sinevibes Flare is an affordable option, available for purchase for just $29 USD at Sinevibes’ website, making it accessible to a wide range of music enthusiasts and producers.

For more information about Sinevibes Flare, click here.


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