Home Tech 25% of Music Producers use AI, but Resistance Remains Strong [Report]
25% of Music Producers use AI, but Resistance Remains Strong [Report]
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25% of Music Producers use AI, but Resistance Remains Strong [Report]

Home Tech 25% of Music Producers use AI, but Resistance Remains Strong [Report]

In an era where AI is reshaping industries, a new survey by Tracklib reveals a surprising resistance to AI-generated music among producers, with the youngest creators leading the charge against full automation

The study, which surveyed 1,107 music producers shows that 25% of music producers use AI in some capacity. However, most of these users limit AI to technical tasks like stem separation. Only 3% use AI to create entire songs.

Among those not using AI, artistic concerns top the list. 82% of non-users cite creative reasons, saying they want to maintain control over their art. Quality issues are the second most common concern, with 34.5% believing AI-generated music isn’t up to professional standards. Interestingly, cost and copyright worries are less significant factors, mentioned by fewer than 15% of respondents.

The survey also reveals a generational divide. Younger producers show stronger opposition to AI that generates music, while older producers are more wary of AI that assists in the creative process.

The Tracklib survey delves deeper into producers’ attitudes towards different types of AI in music. Assistive AI, which helps in the music-making process, receives a warmer welcome. Nearly 50% of respondents view it positively, seeing it as a useful tool in their creative toolkit. In contrast, generative AI, which creates music elements or entire tracks, faces strong opposition. The majority of producers expressed negative views towards this technology, with only single-digit support.

When it comes to paying for AI services, most producers are hesitant. Almost three-quarters of AI users stick to free tools. Beginner producers showed the highest willingness to pay, but even they rarely opt for subscriptions over $25 per month.

Key takeaways from the survey:

  1. 25% of producers use AI in music creation
  2. Most common AI use: stem separation (73.9%)
  3. Less common: mastering/EQ (45.5%), generating elements (21.2%)
  4. Only 3% use AI to create entire songs
  5. Main reasons for not using AI: artistic integrity (82.2%), quality concerns (34.5%)
  6. Generative AI faces strongest opposition from younger producers
  7. Assistive AI faces strongest opposition from older producers
  8. Low willingness to pay for AI tools; 75% use only free options
  9. Beginner producers most willing to pay, but rarely over $25/month

While AI adoption for generating music elements remains quite low, given the rapid evolution of AI technology, this number is likely to increase over the next few years. Whether AI will prove to be a helper or a creativity killer remains a matter of speculation. Recently, renowned figures like Ted Gioia have highlighted how Spotify is allegedly using AI to generate royalties for non-existent artists. There are undoubtedly both positive and negative use cases for this technology in the music industry. Only time will tell which will ultimately have a greater impact.

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