Home Music New Electronic Music Tracks You Need to Hear in July 2024
New Electronic Music Tracks You Need to Hear in July 2024
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New Electronic Music Tracks You Need to Hear in July 2024

Home Music New Electronic Music Tracks You Need to Hear in July 2024

It’s July 2024, and let me tell you, the electronic music scene is absolutely on fire right now. We’ve got a fresh batch of tracks that are guaranteed to get your feet moving. From industry heavyweights like Jax Jones to stars like Marsh and NGHTMRE, these artists are dropping some serious heat. These tunes are going to be dominating the main stages and lighting up dance floors worldwide. Let’s dive into the cream of the crop. Here are some of the best new electronic music tracks you need to hear in July 2024.

NGHTMRE x Big Gigantic – Back For More (Darby Remix)

Darby, an up-and-coming producer is making waves within the bass music scene. His versatility with styles such as dubstep, house, garage, and more is what makes him stand out. Darby has already remixed tracks for renowned artists like ODESZA and San Holo, and has now released a banger remix for NGHTMRE & Big Gigantic’s “Back For More”. The remix retains the iconic intro before Darby infuses it with high-energy, dancefloor-ready elements. The drop is a bit of a surprise in all sorts of good ways. One would never expect a proper UK Garage drop when they see NGHTMRE’s name on a track, but this one is immensely creative. It’s no wonder that Darby has received support for his tracks from maestro Skrillex himself, thanks to his masterful production skills.

Martin Ikin, Winnie Ama – Control It

“Control It” is a tech house track by Martin Ikin featuring Winnie Ama. The track was released on Toolroom Records, one of the most respected names in the tech house scene. The first breakdown sets the mood perfectly with its vocals and melody. When the drop hits, powerful drums, and a groovy bassline take center stage. The track skillfully blends deep, driving beats with groovy basslines and catchy synths. Winnie Ama’s soulful vocals complement the track’s energy beautifully. The production quality is absolutely sublime, with a particularly impressive bass sound design. Martin Ikin is definitely an artist to watch in the dance music scene. This track is sure to heat up any club dancefloor.

The Wellermen- Hoist The Colours (Excision & Sullivan King remix)

“Pressure Plate Remix” is a collaboration between two dubstep heavyweights Excision and Sullivan King. The track ingeniously blends Excision’s signature aggressive sound design with The Wellermen’s haunting vocals, creating a unique sonic experience. Opening with low, atmospheric notes, it quickly escalates into an intense electronic buildup, featuring a sample from Pirates of the Caribbean. The drop hits hard with a burst of gritty bass and a snare cutting right through the mix. The second drop in contrast take a 4×4 vibe combined with heavy dubstep elements. Just by hearing the track you can visualize how crazy it would sound in an Excision live show combined with his iconic visuals.


“Infinity” (Original Mix) by GONEBYMORNING is a minimal tech house track released on NastyFunk Records. It features groovy drums and a deep bassline, blending rave-style synths with old-school vocals. This track doesn’t offer a massive drop or typical mainstream tech house sounds. Instead, it provides a classy vibe, ideal for setting the mood in clubs or festivals. The vocals stand out as the track’s highlight. DJs opening a set will find this tune quite effective for filling the dance floor. It’s one of the standout tracks of the year for its unique approach to the genre.

Jon Moniker – Pressure Pleasure

Back to the main room tech house, “Pressure Pleasure” by Jon Moniker is an energetic Tech House track. Its bassline evokes similarities to some of John Summit’s biggest hits. The vocals are quite effectively used throughout the track. By the second drop, all elements come together – a syncopated synth pluck, groovy bassline, vocal one-shots, and tight drums. Tension builds nicely throughout, resulting in a burst of energy at the third drop. Here, a saw synth melody elevates the track to another level. “Pressure Pleasure” is a perfect choice for peak-time tech house sets. The Miami based producer also has some pretty cool remixes as well. Make sure to check his Soundcloud page for more such tracks.

Move The Beat (Reboot Remix)

“Move The Beat (Reboot Remix)” by PARADIGM X, released on NEED Records, is a classic old school house track with a modern twist. The song opens with an infectious groove that immediately captures attention. As it progresses, vocal one-shots and a synth pad are introduced, adding depth to the composition. The vinyl distortion on the synth effectively creates an authentic old-school vibe. Despite a lengthy breakdown, Reboot maintains interest throughout. When the second drop hits, the groove takes center stage once again. The track’s standout elements are its well-crafted drums and synth pad, which work together to create a compelling dance-floor banger. Overall, it’s a solid production that pays homage to house music’s roots while remaining fresh and relevant.

Nico Falla – No Rhythm

Nico Falla, a 20-year-old producer from Guatemala now based in Mexico City, is making waves with his innovative approach to Tech House. His track “NO RHYTHM” showcases a unique blend of ’90s Hip Hop influences and modern Tech House elements. The song features catchy vocals, a memorable lead, distinctive breaks, and relentless energy, making it a potential chart-topper. Despite his young age, Falla demonstrates remarkable skill in production. The level of detail in “NO RHYTHM” is impressive, surpassing expectations for a producer of his age. One can totally imagine Main stage Tech House artists going nuts over this track. Falla’s work is quite promising and is definitely something to look out for in the electronic music scene.

Flashmob, Raumakustik – Club Talk

Another track from Toolroom Records that makes it to our list. This one presents an exciting collaboration between two heavyweight acts: Flashmob, a veteran of the house music scene for nearly 30 years, and Raumakustik, the German tech-house duo. Club Talk is a fun yet energetic house production. It successfully merges both artists’ unique styles and incorporates tribal vocals, resulting in a dance floor-ready hit. Flashmob’s previous Toolroom single, ‘My Body’, garnered significant support from top DJs like Fisher, Claptone, and Meduza. Raumakustik, known for their ability to blend house and techno seamlessly, have established themselves as esteemed producers for the label.

Mungo’s Hi Fi x Eva Lazarus – Born With It

“Born With It” is a high-energy track that blends various electronic music styles. It combines elements of UK Garage, 90’s Rave culture, and Drum n Bass quite effectively. The track features vocal contributions from three talented artists: Aziza Jaye from Nubiyan Twist delivers searing vocal hooks, BBC Radio 1 champion Gardna brings driving energy, and Eva Lazarus adds heavy-duty dancehall sass. Can’t wait to hear this heater at a Boiler Room party soon. One of our top picks for this edition.

Adam Pearce x Dani King – Align

Adam Pearce and Dani King’s new track “Align” blends future bass with soulful vocals. The song opens with guitar melodies and vocal adlibs before introducing Dani King’s powerful vocals. The drop features classic future bass elements, including supersaws and a piano riff that sets the mood. This energetic and uplifting track showcases Adam Pearce’s production skills, with the Toronto-based artist creating a sound similar to Illenium and Said The Sky. “Align” is a solid addition to playlists for fans of emotional yet high-energy future bass music.

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