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Sony Walkman celebrates its 45th anniversary
Sony Walkman
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Sony Walkman celebrates its 45th anniversary

Home Uncategorized Sony Walkman celebrates its 45th anniversary

Modern music fans certainly take for granted the ease at which they can access and listen to millions of songs at once. Before the days of streaming and smartphones, the Sony Walkman was a true pioneer in delivering music on the go.

First released back in 1979, the concept for the Walkman was derived from the mini-recording devices utilized by reporters. Sony and its co-founders Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita took the modified Pressman and created the Walkman. Designed with the youth market in mind, the product gave listeners the ability to listen to music on the go. The compact cassette player and headphones were a revolutionary concept that forever altered the listening experience, providing truly private audio anywhere. The success of the Walkman turned the name into an instant icon, and it has since become synonymous with portable music players.

Throughout the 80’s and 90’s, Sony would continue to update the popular device. By introducing new colors, and eventually crafting DAT, MiniDisc, and CD players under the brand, it ensured its popularity. By the time Sony officially discontinued the Walkman in 2010, it had sold over 220 million units. Although the Walkman brand is now strictly utilized for digital streaming players, the original products are beginning to escalate in value on sites such as eBay. 45 years later, the impact and legacy of the Sony Walkman continue to loom large.

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