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Top Music Games for Android and iOS
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Top Music Games for Android and iOS

Home Tech Top Music Games for Android and iOS

Discover the top music games for Android and iOS that offer a delightful mix of fun and rhythm. Explore our handpicked selection, including popular games like Cytus, Geometry Dash, and more.

In the world of mobile gaming, music games hold a special position. They skillfully combine the excitement of gameplay with the joy of music, offering an immersive experience that is both entertaining and captivating. The origins of music games can be traced back to the 1970s and 1980s with the rise of electronic music and arcade games. One of the earliest examples is “Simon,” released by Milton Bradley in 1978. Simon was a memory game that required players to replicate sequences of tones and lights, laying the foundation for future rhythm-based games.

Fast forward to now, things have massively changed. We’ve got games like “Beatstar” and “Deemo” that are taking rhythm gaming to a whole new level. They’re not just about having fun (although they’re definitely that). These games can actually help boost your creativity and sharpen your focus. Pretty handy skills if you’re into making music. Whether you’re a serious musician looking to keep your skills sharp, or just someone who enjoys tapping along to a good beat, there’s a music game out there for you. There are a ton of fantastic options available for both Android and iOS. Here’s an overview of our top music game selections for both Android & iOS.

Top 6 Music & Rhythmic games:

  1. Cytus II
  2. Beatstar
  3. Deemo
  4. Incredibox
  5. Geometry Dash
  6. Pianista

Cytus II:

Cytus II is a visual rhythm game that intertwines a rich storyline with addictive gameplay. It offers over 100 songs and 300 charts spanning various genres, providing players with a diverse musical experience. The game’s unique active scan line and note types ensure that each track presents a new challenge, making Cytus II a must-have for rhythm game fans. Cytus II is a paid game available for both Android and iOS.



Rayark INC


If you’re looking to groove to the latest tunes and timeless classics, Beatstar is the perfect choice. It has 100s of songs by famous and legendary artists such as The Weekend, Justin Beiber, and more. The layout of Beatstar resembles Guitar Hero or Rockband, but with a twist – you tap on your device’s screen instead of holding an instrument. To play, you need to be connected online, but the app allows you to challenge your friends’ scores and proudly display your standing on the leaderboards. Beatstar is an excellent rhythm game for livening up social events, bringing back the joy of playing party games together, provided that everyone has a phone ready to join in. Let’s see who can claim the top score!



Space ape games


Deemo, created by the developer of Cytus, is a captivating blend of music and storytelling. This rhythm game focused on the piano, follows the journey of a mysterious character named Deemo. Deemo assists a young girl in recovering her memories through music. The game features a heartfelt narrative and an extensive collection of classical and contemporary piano pieces, offering a profoundly emotional gaming experience. It not only provides an impressive rhythm game but also weaves an emotionally touching modern-day fairy tale. After playing Deemo, you can also play its sequel, Deemo 2. This game is highly recommended for music enthusiasts and is available for free.



Rayark Inc


Incredibox allows you to create your own music with a lively team of beatboxers. It showcases animated beatboxers who generate various audio loops that users can mix by dragging and dropping icons. With several versions representing different musical styles, Incredibox provides an engaging experience for both novices and experienced musicians. Its user-friendly interface, lively animations, and educational value make it an excellent option for anyone interested in exploring music enjoyably and interactively.




Geometry Dash:

Geometry Dash is a simple but highly addictive game developed by RobTop Games. In this game, you can create your own levels and test your creativity. The main levels are fun and effectively introduce the game’s mechanics, providing a good challenge. However, the user-created levels are where the game truly excels. With over 8 million levels to choose from, you can play anything from a relaxing 2-star level to an intense extreme demon, or from a simple 1.0 level to masterpieces like Sedulous or CastleMania. The community is constantly creating new levels, so you’ll never run out of content. This game is highly recommended and is currently ranked #1 on the app store. It’s definitely worth a try.



Geometry Dash
RobTop Games AB


Are you a fan of classical music? If so, you’ll love Pianista. This game allows you to play famous piano pieces by composers such as Mozart, Beethoven, and Chopin. It features a sleek interface and accurate touch controls, providing an immersive and challenging experience. Pianista offers multiple difficulty levels to cater to both beginners and experienced players. You can also compete on global leaderboards to add a competitive edge to your musical journey. The game is free to download, but it includes in-app purchases. However, you can give it a try as the music quality is very high.



Pianista Company

Music games on Android and iOS offer a wide range of options for all types of players. Games like Cytus II blend storytelling with rhythm challenges, while Beatstar lets you play along with modern hits and compete against others. For those seeking an emotional experience, Deemo offers a piano-driven journey. If you’re creative, Incredibox allows you to make your own beats. Geometry Dash combines rhythm with platforming for a unique challenge, and Pianista caters to classical music lovers. These games do more than just entertain – they can improve your musical skills, coordination, and cognitive abilities. They’re a perfect mix of fun and learning, making them enjoyable for casual players and music enthusiasts alike. With so many choices available, there’s sure to be a music game that suits your taste and style.

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