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Best Rave Outfits to wear to EDC Vegas from Grumps Collection

Grumps Collection, one of the leading online stores for rave outfits and festival clothing, is offering free shipping for everyone! Now that they’re back in full swing, the rave clothing brand has everything needed to get ravers ready for their next music festival, taking the hassle and stress out of getting ready and picture perfect. As EDC Las Vegas is approaching, we’ve put together a handy outfit guide with items picked directly from their store, available to buy now.

Mesmerising Medusa Costume Two Piece Set

Grumps Collection

If looking like a goddess is on your list, then look no further than this incredible two piece set inspired by the looks of Medusa. This rave costume includes not only the bodysuit but also the cape with cuffs for easy & comfortable wearing but the headpiece to top it all off. Creating a fun, festival feel whilst also telling a story, this glamorous outfit is perfect for EDC Las Vegas, and encompasses the fearless nature of Medusa herself, offering a sexy and bold, daring edge to your festival fashion.

Medusa Guardian Two Piece Set

Offering a different edge to the first piece we talked about, this Medusa Guardian set makes you look like a green goddess. With this set, it includes a festival bodysuit with attached skirt and detailed emblem and the headpiece. With the flowing attached skirt, you can feel on top of the world whilst dancing along to your favourite DJs, standing out from the crowd whilst ensuring that you are the best dressed at any festival including EDC. Mixing rave wear with high fashion, this EDC outfit embodies a fearless quality, ensuring that anyone who wears this will instantly transform into the most confident, fearless version of themselves just like Medusa. Wearing this set is sure to make everyone green with envy!

Angel From Heaven 

Grumps Collection

If looking as sweet as an angel is more your vibe, Grumps Collection has you covered for this too. This rave outfit set features a white bodysuit with a maxi-length sheer shoulder cover to add a dynamic layer to your outfit, leaving all those in your wake jealous of how good you’ll look in this. Allowing those who wear it to be body confident and show off their curves, it is fun and flirty and guarantees to catch everyone’s eyes no matter where you go. Be the angel on everyone’s shoulder with this detailed, to-die-for rave costume.

Dark Angel Diva

Want to look naughty but nice? An angel with an edge? This Grumps Collection Dark Angel Diva set will do all of that. Sexy and edgy, this one appeals to those who love the darker side of rave fashion whilst also being playful and fun, with a seductive edge. Encapsulating everything that anyone could want from their EDC outfit, this rave wear is detailed, fashionable, bold and daring. With detailed sequin designs against panels of sheer fabric, leaving enough to the imagination whilst also showing off your best assets, this piece will allow you to be at your most confident self, acting as both the devil and the angel! When the lights hit you, this two-piece set is sure to make everyone’s heads turn.

Goddess Glam Two Piece Set

You can look like the greek raver goddess of your dreams with this beautifully decorated white and gold two piece set. Much like the Greek goddesses, you can be just as powerful and radiant thanks to this festival outfit. With everything you could possibly need out of an outfit for a mega festival such as EDC, it features a beautiful matching two-piece with a train that will flow all around you, along with a gold leaf belt to tie everything together – quite literally! With this gorgeous and sleek set, you’ll be sure to leave a permanent mark on wherever you go with this.


Elevating self-expression and body confidence, all of these festival outfits above encapsulate everything festival fashion should be: fun, playful, sleek and something that makes you feel good. These outfits have you covered for all days of the festival, and allow you to tell a story through fashion. Grumps Collection also offers a wide variety of other two piece sets, and an expansive selection of rave costumes and EDC outfits found on their full website. 


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