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Featured Products (60% off)

SynthMaster 2

SynthMaster One

SynthMaster 1+2 Bundle

SynthMaster Everything Bundle


Featured Products (35% off)


Complete Suit





Featured Products 

The Ton Bundle

Originals Drumline

Originals Epic Choir

Fractured Strings


Featured Products 

Ultimate Producer Bundle

Shymer – Ethereal Vocal Collection

Ultimate Vocal library 3

Cybersynth Sound Pack


Featured Products (up to 70% off)

Master Bundle

Designer Bundle

Cloudburst – Playable Guitar Harmonics

Endure – Groundshaking Synth Bass


Featured Products (up to 60% off)

Ultra Analog VA-3 (analog synthesizer)
Lounge Lizard EP-4 (electric piano)
Chromaphone 3 (acoustic objects synthesizer)
Multiphonics CV-1 (modular synthesizer)
Strum GS-2 (acoustic and electric guitars)


Featured Products (up to 90% off)

InstaComposer & Expansions

Ultimate MIDI Bundle 2

KSHMR Essential Plugin

Put Me on Drums



Featured Products (up to 50% off)

All Plugins Bundle



Smooth Operator

Spaced Out


Featured Products (up to 70% off)

Master Bundle

Designer Bundle

Cloudburst – Playable Guitar Harmonics

Endure – Groundshaking Synth Bass


Spitfire Audio

The Ton Bundle

  • A perfect bundle for both new and established composers to light the spark and provide instant orchestral inspiration
  • Fragile String Evolutions
  • Spitfire Studio Brass Core
  • Abbey Road One: Sparkling Woodwinds

Price: £99 / $99 / 99€ (discounted from $547.00)


Originals Epic Choir

  • 50 voices, recorded at AIR Studios
  • Three bespoke signals (Close, Tree, Ethereal)
  • Split into two sections — Sopranos & Altos, and, Tenors & Bass — both sections offering identical articulations
  • Includes 3 control options: Reverb, Release & Tightness

Price: $29.00

Originals Drumline

  • extensively sampled collection of marching band percussion
  • Performed by world champion drum corps, the Blue Devils
  • Features snares, tenor drums, bass drums & cymbals
  • Nine presets. Five controls and effects.

Price: $29

spitfire audio mercury
spitfire audio fractured strings

Mercury – Acoustic Sculptures

Price: $99.00 $149.00

Fractured Strings

Price: $229.00 $299.00

Ghosthack – Buy 3 get 1 free

ultimate producer bundle ghosthack

Ultimate Producer Bundle

  • Includes 24 Sample Libraries for every genre
  • Total Size: 25.4 GB
  • Includes one-shots, live recorded one-shots, loops, vocals, MIDI, construction kits & more

Price: €69.95 (discounted from €800.00)


shymer ghosthack

Shymer – Ethereal Vocal Collection

  • vast range of different ambient orchestral melodic elements
  • lush vocals, pianos, strings, harps, flutes, guitars, horns, evolving pads, as well as mood and ambience
  • 75 construction kits
  • labelled by key and BPM & Tightness

Price: €49.95 €199.95

ultimate vocal library ghosthack

Ultimate Vocal Library 3

  • acapellas, ad-libs, phrases, one-words, live guitar loops, construction kits and video tutorials
  • 22 full acapellas from 7 professional vocalists
  • tons of one-words, phrases and ad-libs
  • 4 bonus packs

Price: €39.95 €149.95

cybersynth ghosthack
scifi ghosthack

Cybersynth Sound Pack

Price: €29.95 €149.95

Sci-Fi Atmospherics Volume 2

Price: €29.95 €69.95



  • instantly remix and rearrange your audio loops
  • Load up to 6 loops
  • 1.6+ GB of Factory Presets

Price: €49 (discounted from $69)


The Complete Suite

  • Loopmix – Loop Remixer
  • Playbeat – World’s smartest drum machine
  • Chordjam – Ultimate Chord Machine
  • Riffer-MIDI Sequencer
  • + Free software
  • 1.6+ GB of Factory Presets

Price: €149 (after 35% discount)


Playbeat – groove machine

  • only plugin that creates patterns based on what you like
  • advanced sonic analysis algorithms to create or remix completely original grooves that never repeat
  • 8 totally independent sequencers
  • create unlimited remixes of patterns based on your current pattern

Price: €44.90 (after 35% off discount)


audiomodern riffer
audiomodern chordjam

Riffer – Creative MIDI sequencer

Price: €31.90

Chordjam – Ultimate Chord Machine

Price: €31.90

Lamprey – 70% store wide

Master Bundle

  • Every single product on the store
  • 17 Instruments including Achromic, Aetheric, Atlas, Blackout, Blackout 2, Bloom, Cloudburst & more

Price: $150 AUD (discounted from $290.00)


lamprey designer bundle

Designer Bundle

  • collection of Kontakt Instruments and SFX Packs
  • includes 13 instruments and all freebies
  • Instruments for Synths, Pianos, strings, pads, FX & more

Price: $50 AUD (discounted from $150.00)

lamprey endure
lamprey cloudburst

Endure – Groundshaking Synth Bass


Cloudburst – Playable Guitar Harmonics

Price: $10.00 AUD

KV331 Audio

SynthMaster 2

  • Swiss army knife’ / All around semi-modular dual layer software synthesizer
  • Comes with 2000 NKS compatible factory presets designed by world-class sound designers
  • 2300 presets in 38 further expansions available for a wide range of music genres
  • Analog modelled Ladder, Diode Ladder, State Variable & Bite Filters

Price: $49 until November 30 (discounted from $129)


SynthMaster One

  • Single layer single screen wavetable synthesizer
  • Comes with 1250 NKS compatible presets
  • 800 presets in 14 further expansions
  • Includes 11 different types of effects

Price: $39 until November 30 (discounted from $99)

SynthMaster Everything Bundle

  • contains all the products KV331 Audio has released so far
  • 60% cheaper compared to purchasing the bundle contents individually
  • Includes SynthMaster One, SynthMaster 2
  • Includes all SynthMaster and SynthMaster One preset expansion banks (52 so far)
  • Free upgrade to SynthMaster 3

Price: $159 until November 30 (discounted from: $449)

synthmaster 1+2 bundle
synthmaster expansion packs

SynthMaster One + Two Bundle


Price$59.00 (discounted from $159.00)

SynthMaster Expansion Packs

2250+ presets for SynthMaster

Price: $5 each (discounted from $19.00)

AAS – Applied Acoustics Systems

Ultra Analog VA-3

  • Analog synthesizer
  • 1200+ professionally crafted presets
  • Two-voice multimbral analog synthesizer, each voice featuring two oscillators, two filters, effects, and advanced editing options120 + presets 

Price: $89 (discounted from $199.00)



  • Electric piano
  • Built around the modeling of real piano components
  • Comes with an extensive library with 242 piano sound
  • 300+ presetsotes

Price: $89 (discounted from $199)


  • Synthesizer
  • Showcases eight physically modeled acoustic resonators
  • Two-voice synthesizer
  • Factory library of 421 signature sounds

Price: $89 (discounted from $199.00)

aas multiphonics cv-1
aas gs 2


Modular Synthesizer

Price: $99.00 (discounted from $199)

Acoustic & Electric Guitars

Price: $89 (discounted from $199.00)

W.A. Production

InstaComposer & Expansions

  • Intelligent MIDI Generation plugin
  • Create Melodies, Phrases, Riffs, Chords & more
  • Infinite ideas at the click of a button
  • Generate 5 tracks simultaneously
  • 120 + presets 

Price: $19.90 (discounted from $99.00)


wa production midi bundle

Ultimate MIDI Bundle 2

  • InstaChord
  • InstaScale
  • InstaComposer
  • Chords Pro + Notes

Price: $77.20 (discounted from $385.90)

KSHMR Essentials Plugin

  • KSHMR designed plugin
  • Artist-designed module routing
  • Processing chains for Bass, Drums, Kick, Synths, Vocals and more
  • Focus on easy operation

Price: $19.99 (discounted from $99.00)

wa production pmod
wa production instachord

Price: $16.00 (discounted from $39.90)

Price: $26.70 (discounted from $89.00)

BABY Audio


  • Crystalline is a new, state-of-the-art, reverb plugin with a pristine and modern sound
  •  Gives you unprecedented creative control to shape your reflections
  •  Lets you sync reverb start and decay times to your song’s tempo
  •  An evolution of classic 20th century studio reverbs – fully upgraded for today

Price: $49.00 (discounted from $99.00)


Smooth Operator

  • Intelligent plugin that brings out clarity and eliminates harsh resonances
  •  Adapts to your audio in realtime and automatically combats fatigued frequency areas
  •  Lets you creatively sculpt and shape your tonal balance without nasty artifacts

Price: $39 (discounted from $69.00)


  • Engineered for a modern and ultra-aggressive compression sound, perfect for adding power to your tracks
  •  Hosts parallel signal chain internally for a fast and obstacle-free parallel compression workflow
  •  Majorly upgraded V2 of our first ever plugin (I Heart NY) – offering surgical control and a range of new features

Price: $39.00 (discounted from $69.00)

baby audio taip square
baby audio vhs square


Price: $39.00 (discounted from $69.00)


Price: $29.00 (discounted from $49.00)

Monosounds Studio

monosounds next gen serum presets

Nextgen Serum Presets Vol.1

  • Over 170 presets
  • 808 Presets, Bass Presets, Instrument Presets, Keys Presets & more

Price: $10 (discounted from $80)


monosounds arcadia serum presets

Arcadia – EDM Presets For Xfer Serum

  • 67 presets that were inspired by the atmosphere of Coachella.
  • selection of synth presets for Xfer Serum

Price: $10 (discounted from $40)

monosounds colors serum presets

Colors – 2022 Xfer Serum Presets

  • 74 Xfer Serum Presets
  • Colors brings the modern, the future, and the past together with a diverse and inspiring collection of presets

Price: $10 (discounted from $40)

deep & slap house monosounds
fishlake monosounds

Slap & Deep House MegaPack Vol.1

Price: 10$ 187.5$

FISHLAKE – Tech House Sample Pack

Price: 10$ 60$




Sample Packs

everything bundle PML
pml vocals vol. 1
melodic techno accelerator

Production Music Live Everything Bundle

Price: €297 €5.214,00


Vocals Vol.1 – Sample Pack

Price: €37 EUR €47 EUR


Melodic Techno Accelerator – Bundle

Price: €127 EUR €716 EUR


UPB 2022
UVB 2022
Riemann Acid Techno

Ghosthack Ultimate Producer Bundle

Price: €99.95 €799.95


Ghosthack Ultimate Vocal Bundle

Price: €14.95 €149.95


Riemann Acid Techno 2

Price: £16.95



beginner to advanced ableton live

Start to finish Ableton Course

  • Hands on Ableton
  • Start to Finish: 2 Full Online Courses
  • Mixing and Mastering
  • Bonus: Samples, Racks & Project Files

Price: €67 EUR €147 EUR


ben bohmer masterclass (2)

Msterclass: Ben Böhmer – In The Studio

  • 2h+ of lessons covering
  • idea generation
  • production process
  • favourite effects and processing techniques of Kontakt Instruments SFX Packs& more

Price: €39.90 EUR €99.90 EUR

melodic techno start to finish

Course: Melodic Techno Track from Start to Finish Vol. 2

  • A complete start-to-finish production course with lifetime access. Learn at your own pace.
  • 29+ Studio sessions with LAR / PML
  • 3h+ online video sessions with lifetime-access
  • All Samples and Loops used in this project. All samples are 100% Royalty Free for Professional and Personal Use

Price: €33 EUR €57 EUR

Hemant has been actively involved in the dance music industry with over 2 years of experience. Currently working as a Project Manager and heading the We Rave You Tech division. Get in touch via email or Instagram

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