For many gamers, discovering the soundtrack to an upcoming release is as satisfying as learning about gameplay developments or new characters. Some games are wholly reliant on orchestral music that reflects the changing locations and emotions of the action, while others use carefully-cultivated playlists of existing tracks to provide their musical backdrop. The FIFA series is a notable exponent of the

Electronic dance music has been a unique genre, since it’s different from other genres in the music industry. But is music like that really a distraction, since some people tend to miss homework assignments, or at least get sidetracked in a task, because of such music? Or can it be at least beneficial at some time or another? However, the bigger

The early rave scene saw promoters-cum-squatters bolt-cut their way into premises to hold illegal parties. Some of these raves could draw crowds of 20,000 or more through the 1990s. The original second summer of love, ecstasy and acid house has some parallels with today’s scene, particularly the inclusion of pharmaceuticals continues. Here we look at rave parties and whether early

It’s been 20 years since Anjunabeats was founded by Above & Beyond back in 2000. Throughout the past 20 years, more than 700 records have been released through the label, wearing the iconic Anjuna 'A' and kickstarting the career of various producers like Andrew Bayer, ilan Bluestone, Seven Lions, and many more. To celebrate the 20th birthday of the label, several one-day festivals

Going to music festivals is in the bucket list of every music enthusiast. What’s more amazing is that such fests are held in different countries across the globe, allowing students to combine the love of music and touring the world.  The experience of the best productions, best artists, stages, lightings, atmosphere plus holidaying is beyond the imagination. Do not be left

If you have ever been to a rave or a major dance party or DJ concert, then you have almost definitely seen flow props at work. Does that term ring a bell to you? The chances are high that if you spent much time at all in the rave and dance scene, then you are more than accustomed with some

Since the birth of modern electronic dance music in the late 80s and early 90s, the genre has transcended media, cultures, and lifestyles. It has become a true constant not only in music, but in wider pop culture. After the turn of the millennium, dance music’s appeal truly exploded, boosted by its rise in popularity outside of its traditional home in

Don’t know how to analyze a song for an essay? Or write an essay about music in general? Those questions are quite common when it comes to this discipline. Imagine that you’re in your English 101 class, and the teacher gives you such an assignment – becoming confused is quite easy in such a situation. However, there is no need

As a genre, dance music offers some advantages that no other can. Principal among these is the flexibility which can go into backing an dance music track. While other genres can be confined to certain sounds, dance music can bind many together, opening a range of possibilities for both listeners and artists. Avicii is a popular example of this, with

American producer Porter Robinson is one of the most unique and inspiring artists in the scene currently. Over the years, he's showed his versatility in many ways, exploring many genres before settling with his signature emotional sound that his massive fanbase have come to know and fall in love with. If you're a fan, you'll know exactly where you were the moment