The EZ Record Maker, designed in collaboration with sound artist, designer and electronic musician, Yuri Suzuki, and Japanese company Gekken, is capable of pressing your own vinyls from home. Perfect for vinyl enthusiasts and musicians, the device converts a signal form an aux cable into a 5-inch vinyl, 5 of which come with the record player. After pressing, the vinyl can

Over in the United States, album sales have plummeted amid the on-going coronavirus pandemic and figures show they are lowest they have been in over 60 years. Although you might still think the numbers are pretty high, only an estimated 1.52 million albums were sold during the week starting March 19th, according to entertainment media brand Billboard. They have recognised that both

Following the cancelation of the 35th Winter Music Conference, the winners of the prestigious International Dance Music Awards (IDMA) have been announced online amidst the coronavirus outbreak. The highly descriptive categories under the IDMA provide us with an in-depth overview of how the electronic music industry was influenced and who had dominated the bigger scene throughout the year. As a lot