Slots are the most played casino games globally because of their simple and fascinating features. Online slots are encouraged to transition from simple themes to fantastic storylines. Therefore, it's a good idea to understand more about สล็อตเว็บตรง before you sign up and start playing. Reels and Rows Reels are the most vital elements of สล็อตเว็บตรง, which are the vertical parts of the

In 2022, the crypto industry is crashing. It is due to high inflation, rising interest rates and a loss of confidence in crypto investments. What is more, there has been an increase in hacker activity lately. In crypto, proposals help communities to make decisions based on consensus. But sometimes, proposals can be malicious. According to Cointelegraph, the music platform Audius passed on

Ibiza-based music platform OpenLab has announced it is teaming up with TokenTraxx to reveal their first audio-visual NFT collection, bringing cutting edge talent together with exciting names in the visual arts space. OpenLab and TokenTraxx are two big names in the NFT world, continuing their collaboration with an audio-visual NFT collection titled ’New Mycelium Network'. The collection is inspired heavily by the networked

One of the pioneers of electronic music, Jean-Michel Jarre has announced that his 22nd studio album ‘OXYMORE’ will be released on Friday, October 21 via Sony Music. The new album can be described as an immersive piece of work; a multi-channel and 3D binaural experience. Multi-channel binaural sound revolutionises how music is composed, mixed and produced, by placing sounds and textures

Joining the current hype that revolves around music and the metaverse, Afrojack has been announced as the latest act to perform both in the real world and virtually, during DiscoverFeed's third digital event surrounding their remarkable concept. Expanding their network on a constant level, DiscoverFeed are well and truly cementing the link between the real and the digital world, as this

When it comes to how we live, work and stay entertained, there is no doubting how crucial technology is now. This is easy to see in the music industry, where modern innovations such as streaming have transformed the sector. Of course, tech such as sequencers and drum machines has also enabled the electronic dance music genre to become established. The latest

Tomorrowland is fast approaching and with the entire dance music community anxiously awaiting it's return after two years. The festival organizers are looking to go above and beyond to create an experience for fans around the world that will be second to none, and the introduction of the Tomorrowland NFT is one of the many new offerings. For those out there

Returning to the release radar with another huge song and a project to go hand-in-hand with it, Burak Yeter is igniting the industry once again with his latest single titled 'Black Hole'. Following an incredible few years, Burak Yeter is keeping this momentum going and is already ensuring that 2022 is going to continue this. His newest release 'Black Hole' sees

The world is changing, and so is the technology that is adapting the way that we live. One of the most important pieces of tech that could have a profound impact on the world as we know it is that of virtual reality, with a number of leading experts speaking about the fact that communication in the future is likely

Universal Music is embracing web3, unlike any other major label, with a new deal that has just been struck with NFT marketplace LimeWire. LimeWire, a nostalgic brand in peer-to-peer file sharing that died in 2011, is launching in may with new owners and an emphasis on, of all things, NFTs. LimeWire raised $10.4 million in a private auction and investments came