Metaverse Industry

Miami has led the way to become the crypto capital of the United States, with Miami Mayor Francis Suarez making headlines when he announced he will be receiving his paychecks in crypto. BTC Media, the organizers of BTC's biggest event in Miami Bitcoin 2022, have announced for the first time that, the 4th and final day of the event will be

On January 27 Beatport and PIXELYNX are releasing a collaborative NFT collection called Synth Heads. Beatport remains the recognized industry leader for the DJ community with a global footprint, Its top 100 chart remains highly appreciated within the music industry. PIXELYNX is a new venture that is focused on blurring the lines between music, blockchain, and gaming in the metaverse, the company founders

Grammy award winner rapper Nas was set to release 2 different NFT drops for his fans. Beginning with the first drop his song 'ultra black' was scheduled for release at 1 pm ET, and his song 'RARE' was the second NFT scheduled for 9 pm ET both on 3LAU's new emerging NFT marketplace 'Royal'. Fans would then buy the NFT and get a percentage of the

Constantly increasing in popularity, the metaverse and everything associated with this new digital world has become somewhat of a regular theme in terms of collecting assets and investing millions of dollars in NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Looking to take the reigns from cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, this latest NFT function has the main difference of actually allowing people to invest in

With the metaverse continuing to grow and more people beginning to invest in NFTs, especially music artists, the door has fully swung open for opportunities inside the digital world. The latest comes from Universal Music Group, as they recently partnered with Genies, an avatar tech company, that will give more artists and fans to connect on a new level. The idea

Looking to adopt Web3 technology in the music industry, a decentralised autonomous organisation going by the name of MODA DAO, has set out on achieving a new approach of music publication where it "aims to remove the middlemen of traditional streaming services." Illustrating the 'Music3' framework, the group have envisioned a world where artists are given full control over their

Never shy from breaking boundaries, Don Diablo has just seen his "most ambitious" venture to date gain fruition in a recent Sotheby's auction. Having already made history with the sale of an hour-long concert NFT (non-fungible token) entitled 'Destination Hexagonia,' the future house music pioneer has taken things that one level further, as his latest project 'HΞXHIBIT III' dubs as

For years, many concert-goers have taken pride in collecting their ticket stubs for all the shows they attend. These stubs hold a special place in the attendee's heart. That ticket opens up a memory that each person can relive from when they were there. However, as the world shifts to a fully online community, these small mementos are beginning to