NFT Music

Ibiza-based music platform OpenLab has announced it is teaming up with TokenTraxx to reveal their first audio-visual NFT collection, bringing cutting edge talent together with exciting names in the visual arts space. OpenLab and TokenTraxx are two big names in the NFT world, continuing their collaboration with an audio-visual NFT collection titled ’New Mycelium Network'. The collection is inspired heavily by the networked

Returning to the release radar with another huge song and a project to go hand-in-hand with it, Burak Yeter is igniting the industry once again with his latest single titled 'Black Hole'. Following an incredible few years, Burak Yeter is keeping this momentum going and is already ensuring that 2022 is going to continue this. His newest release 'Black Hole' sees

Bringing to life an NFT record label like no other, AlmaD and Kristen present their brand new concept that combines art and music, in the form of World Has You Records. "A label that is designed by two music lovers for music lovers," AlmaD & Kristen say: Combining art and music in the most emotive of ways, World Has You Records

There's no secret that electronic artists have dominated the NFT space, and according to findings published by the IMS Business Report 2022, this is more evident than ever. 64% of all identified music NFT issues worth $55.4m were issued by electronic artists. By a long shot, the most successful artist in this space was 3LAU. Early on, he released NFTs to

Anyma, one of the members of Tale Of Us has been all over Instagram and TikTok recently. The artist has been taking his audience on a journey unlike any other with the help of Italian-born visual artist Alessio De Vecchi, and his performances have been breathtaking and a one-of-a-kind experience. Anyma has been dominating the live performance game since he first presented his genesis

Timmy Trumpet is hosting one of the biggest giveaways of the year in the music industry with the collaboration of Psychedelics Anonymous and with the help of Spinnin’ Records and Warner Music. This giveaway prize pack is worth over $100,000 and it is the first of its kind.  The winner of this special giveaway will receive an all-expenses-paid trip to Los Angeles with a guest to party

The streaming platform Spotify is planning to join the Web3 space. According to two new job postings, Spotify is working on plans to integrate NFTs and blockchain technology into its streaming business. The streaming platform was already looking for ways to boost artists’ earnings. With these new job openings, the crypto community is excited about the potential NFT integration system. Spotify is

Universal Music Group's 10:22pm label has just bought a Bored Ape NFT (Bored Ape #5537) to manage the UMG digital band KINGSHIP. this is the first NFT from the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) collection that has been bought by the record label. Bored Ape #5537 is called Noët All. The female character will serve as the manager for the band. Celine Joshua, a former Sony

The NFT space is undeniably booming, with the headlines getting wilder by the day, Ape Rave Club is the first NFT artist to perform at Tomorrowland, one of the world's most prestigious music events. Ape Rave Club is emerging from the Bored Ape Yacht Club, one of the most well-known and quickly growing NFT communities. Bored Apes are owned by some of the world's