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In 2021 one of the Tale Of Us geniuses Matteo Milleri launched a solo project called Anyma to create his own identity. "Anyma is my creative self-expression, blending music, art, and immersive realities to explore the next phase in the realm of consciousness. Physical and digital creations merge to become a singular enlightening field of experience"  – Matteo Milleri said back

Budweiser is back after immediately selling out their latest NFT collection of the most iconic heritage cans. This time, they are pushing NFTs into the music industry by spotlighting and supporting 22 emerging artists with the release of their collection of 11,000 NFTs. Each artist will be releasing 500 NFTs allowing fans to directly support the artist while gaining exclusive perks which

Grammy award winner rapper Nas was set to release 2 different NFT drops for his fans. Beginning with the first drop his song 'ultra black' was scheduled for release at 1 pm ET, and his song 'RARE' was the second NFT scheduled for 9 pm ET both on 3LAU's new emerging NFT marketplace 'Royal'. Fans would then buy the NFT and get a percentage of the

Nas is set to become the very first artist to partner with 3LAU’s blockchain-based music investment platform Royal, with his brand-new, innovative NFT deal launching on Tuesday January 11. This deal will give fans the chance to invest in Nas’ music, giving them exclusive streaming rights to a couple of his tracks, ‘Ultra Black’ and ‘Rare’, which are featured on his

The craze and hype around NFT's (standing for non-fungible token) have been dominating news headlines throughout 2021, and momentum sees no signs of stopping as recently an extremely special Whitney Houston NFT containing an unreleased track from the late revolutionary singer has sold for $1 million on OneOF marketplace. The piece is part of a larger collection, The Whitney Houston “OneOf One” NFT

Futuristic Polar Bears are back with their latest release ‘Witchcraft’, teaming up with boat company MasterCraft UK and vocalist Jaimes, creating a progressive house gem which is out now on the NFT-fuelled label Purple Fly. It’s soulful vocals and undulating synths make ‘Witchcraft’ one for the festival main stage, with early radio support from Belgian DJ and Tomorrowland regular Yves V. In an exciting

Looking to adopt Web3 technology in the music industry, a decentralised autonomous organisation going by the name of MODA DAO, has set out on achieving a new approach of music publication where it "aims to remove the middlemen of traditional streaming services." Illustrating the 'Music3' framework, the group have envisioned a world where artists are given full control over their

Having established themselves as one of the few early adopters of the NFT space and the pioneers of blockchain aided sections in the music industry, the legendary Canadian producer deadmau5 (Joel Zimmerman) and the American rock band Portugal. The Man have teamed up to collaborate for the single "this is fine" on the former's record label mau5trap. The track is

Premiering right here at We Rave You, the Desperate ApeWives official anthem looks to further cement the up and coming connection between the electronic dance industry and the metaverse. A collaboration as groundbreaking as the next one, NFT's have well and truly entered our lives, as superstar DJ's waste no time at following the hype surrounding this new era of

Pioneering in marrying the electronic music and crypto worlds together in unique ways, artist JOOLIA (also being a member of the popular group Beverly Pills) not only does this but also releases mind-bending tracks spanning multiple genres. With her latest release, she has transcended genres once again for 'Crypto Rave'. With her SoundCloud bio stating 'crypto rave queen', JOOLIA has certainly

Legendary Dutch-Filipino record producer and DJ Laidback Luke has just arrived at the NFT-fueled record label Purple Fly to be a part of its illustrious roster that includes top-notch artists like Fatman Scoop, Shaquille O'Neal, and Sevenn. For his first release on the platform called "Cielo", the artist has teamed up with the highly talented Miami-based producer BLVD, who also happens

With the ever expanding world of NFT’s (Non Fungible Tokens) on the rise, here comes the world’s first NFT-fueled record label, Purple Fly. Looking to introduce themselves “as a platform for the spectrum of electronic music,” a hard-hitting debut single courtesy of US-based producer BLVD and legendary rapper/MC Fatman Scoop, has made ‘Miami’ the latest track to keep your eye on. With