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Blessing fans alike with the most captivating of sound(s), Rivessi unveils a Future/Tech House single for the ages, entitled 'Say Goodbye.' Incorporating a style of play like no other, this fast-rising star will have listeners feeling some type of way throughout. Looking to further enhance his presence within the electronic dance industry, Rivessi (real name Daniel Clarke) has just released the

Taking listeners on a musical journey like no other, Galestian has just unveiled a six track remix compilation of his own body of work, entitled 'Galestian Remixed: Selected Proton Works.' "The compilation is a way to tie the torchbearers of our scene together," Galestian says Blessing us all with the most eclectic of mixes, 'Galestian Remixed: Selected Proton Works' acts as

Offering those feel-good vibes with his latest release, Digital Farm Animals has just revealed a disco-house single for the ages, entitled 'Street Of Gold.' "I'm so excited for the release of my new single .. I hope it brings you good vibes too," Digital Farm Animals says Looking to leave his own distinct mark within the electronic dance industry, Digital Farm

Fast-rising star Alber-K ensures the most unique of end product(s), with his latest release, 'Into The Wild,' a clear indicator of everything that he has set out to achieve within the dance scene. Offering his own style of play in the most awe-inspiring of fashions, this certified hit is just the beginning of something special. Looking to leave his own mark

Japanese DJ/Producer KURONEKO has just released his awe-inspiring new single 'Unawake'. "I wanted to express how people's lives changed in the last couple of years", says the producer. The black-cat turned DJ KURONEKO  has released a plethora of groovy tracks such as 'UNDRESS', 'ALMOST HUMAN', and 'PAWS'. KURONEKO brings all the interesting elements of Japanese flavor to the states where he is currently

Exploring his journey with mental health issues and balancing music production into his day to day life, TATE SEDAR captivates with the release of 'Find a Way.' Returning with the most emotive of production(s), TATE SEDAR has just blessed fans alike with his latest release, entitled 'Find A Way.' Portraying a message of hope and understanding, the LA-based DJ/producer offers us

Blessing us all with the final installment of his highly-anticipated debut album, 'Moonwalk,' Rony Seikaly unveils a house single for the ages, entitled 'Ephemeral."Groove and melody, for me, is the best way to enhance emotions," Seikaly says Amplifying his presence at any given chance, Rony Seikaly ensures the most eclectic of sound(s) with each of his releases. Leaving his own mark

More than set on leaving their own mark within the electronic dance industry, The Waves have just released a feel-good house single, entitled 'Breathing.' Implementing their signature sound throughout, this latest production will have listeners embark on the most captivating, and yet, meaningful of journeys. Elevating the track to even further heights, Italian singer/songwriter Daniele Sorrentino adds the most awe-inspiring