Roland has made a habit of changing the game, having made their mark on the industry with countless pieces of excellent equipment over their 50 year history. One of their greatest innovations in recent years calls back to the legendary modules of the 80s, making for a "beat machine" that does so much more than its tagline might make you think.

Tomorrowland returned in 2022 after a two year hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic and reminded electronic music fans around the world why it is one of the preeminent with it's three weekends full of incredible artists, some of the most beautiful stages ever constructed and a 21 day live stream to engage fans around the world.  While fans are

MOTU is an engineer-driven development company, specializing in the field of hardware and software. Their catalog holds onto audio interfaces, MIDI interfaces, audio software, virtual instruments, video interfaces, and a range of accessories. As an addition to their M-series, they've added the exciting new MOTU M6 audio interface.   |  Best VST Plugins of 2022 – Click here to checkout   The M6 audio interface

Avid provides the world with a range of video and audio content, including movies, series, sports shows, music, and music production gear. Gather experience and knowledge through multiple online tutorials, connect with like-minded people worldwide, and start collaborating anywhere, anytime. Avid newest development will be a crossover between professionalism and personality, all compiled into 1 box. Meet the Avid MBOX

Synido is an audio brand that is committed to designing products to help the modern day user navigate and create content without high costs or extreme technical know how.  Through it's recently launched Voice 100 and Live 100, users will be able to easily navigate and operate their gear, allowing for efficient content creation. For the brand, 2021 was a significant

An oscilloscope is an electronic instrument that displays voltage signals as waveforms, commonly used to test voltage variations over a certain period of time. The incoming signals are plotted in a graph, showing which way the signal changes. Sending audio information into an oscilloscope will display how it is behaving visually and that's what oscilloscope music entails.   | HOT DEAL: New

Technology is constantly evolving up to a point where we can create anything, anywhere, anytime. We don't need expensive equipment in order to achieve the desired result or to be different in any way. A great example is Ableton's Max for Live. Any person (with the required knowledge) can create a digital synthesizer, sampler, or effects tool back home and

OneOdio is a consumer audio company specializing in headphones that are suitable for all kinds of occasions. The experienced Chinese manufacturer prides itself on its affordable studio, DJ, and gaming headphones (wired and unwired), as well as true wireless earbuds and microphones. One of their newest offerings, the impressive and inexpensive OneOdio A70, is the perfect demonstration of the company's

While making music, it's important to capture the best sound quality whether you are recording vocals, guitars, or just playing your tracks over the speakers. Your laptop isn't built to achieve the best sounding result, that's why audio interfaces have been built. They are specially made to reduce distortion or any other side effects that come with the conversion of