Once stepping into the world of music production, you'll see many artists working in overwhelming studios that are specially built to achieve the most honest sound. Not everyone has the luxury to work in a place like that, and that's why there is this great alternative. Studio headphones will give you a clear representation of a professional studio without having

While making music, it's important to capture the best sound quality whether you are recording vocals, guitars, or just playing your tracks over the speakers. Your laptop isn't built to achieve the best sounding result, that's why audio interfaces have been built. They are specially made to reduce distortion or any other side effects that come with the conversion of

Renowned plugin manufacturers iZotope recently announced the release of their newest recording device called Spire Studio (2nd generation). iZotope Spire Studio is a wireless, rechargeable device that lets you record vocals, instruments, etc. on the fly. Spire Studio is now available for purchase on a large number of retailers across the globe.   | Baby Audio All Plugins Giveaway - Click here to

As recently as 10 or so years ago, broadcasting live with multiple cameras seamlessly in full HD was the preserve of a major TV network or broadcasting companies. The equipment involved from cameras, to video switchers, to routing equipment, etc cost hundreds of thousands, if not millions. Since then, single camera shooting whereby video is recorded in multiple takes and

On 22 February 2021, the music world got the news that nobody wanted to hear. After twenty-eight years of cooperation, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter ended the legendary duo Daft Punk, a precursor of electronic music, who with their live performance at Coachella 2007 changed the face of the game forever. The Frenchmen have won Grammy awards, hundreds of

There are some figures in electronic music who are likely to be held in absolute respect and esteem forever. One of them is Flux Pavilion, real name Joshua Steele - British producer, DJ, songwriter, and co-owner of famous label Circus Records. The 32-year-old has made an incredible name for himself with legendary productions such as I Can't Stop, Cold Dust

Long-established tech wizards Korg have a six-decade track record of making electronic instruments, and it seems they aren't slowing down. Teasing their latest product on their Youtube channel, the Japanese company's latest invention is the analog-digital hybrid drum machine called the drumlogue. For now, it's just a prototype, but with Korg having already released the Prologue and a range of

Although most companies in the industry directly related to live music and DJing have written off 2020, Pioneer DJ has actually made some serious growth moves. Over the past 12 months, the electronics giant has released the HDJ-CUE1 headphones, a new version of the now-legendary CDJ-3000, and recorded a big boost in sales during the lockdown, as we wrote about

Pianos are one of the most commonly used instruments in music production fabricated around 1709 specially used for classical music. A piano contains several strings, not plucked with a quill, but struck with a felt-covered hammer. When the performer presses the keys softly, the hammer will strike the string slowly, producing a soft sound. If the performer presses the keys

In 1978, when the synthesizer was quickly overtaking the electric guitar as the hottest instrument in popular music, Sequential Circuits released the now-legendary Prophet 5, the world's first programmable poly-synth. Despite ending production in 1984, it has retained its popularity on the second-hand market as well as in various software emulations. But now, it's back, re-created in full by Sequential

If you are a fan of electronic music, most of your feeds on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter are packed by information, releases, announcements, and photos of your favorite DJs/ producers. Certainly, more than once you've found a picture of your idol in the studio, sometimes - as in the case of Steve Aoki or Hardwell - looking more like a spaceship,