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Superbooth is a world-famous, Berlin-based, tradeshow for analog synthesizers. Over the years this tradeshow is considered to be a meeting point for everyone interested in analog gear. This exposition displays the newest music technology through live radio, product presentations, and its mini-festival.   | Best VST Plugins of 2022 – Click here to checkout   Superbooth 2022 took place from 12-14 May at the FEZ-Berlin.

The new OP-1 field is “Louder, thinner, and 100 times better”, that’s Teenage Engineering’s promise as they announce the successor of one of the most famous portable synths. In 2011 the Swedish brand brought out the first OP-1 synth and with high demand, it reached stunning prices on the second-hand market. The new OP-1 field is Teenage Engineering's second release

The Roland JUNO-X is the new flagship synth from the Japanese industry titans, delivering a real vintage experience with modern features. Roland`s JUNO series is widely known for its sound and has a high reputation across the music industry. In the 80s, the JUNO series shaped the sound of many pop, synth wave, and house hits, and the legacy continues.   First things first,

Elektron is a Swedish product development company that specializes in portable instruments. Their range of samplers, synthesizers, drum machines and sound processors is well-known within the music industry, used by many artists such as Aphex Twin, Thom Yorke, and Timbaland. As a follow-up to their Digitone synthesizer and Digitakt sampler, Elektron has now released Syntakt.   | Best VST Plugins of 2022 –

Korg is a well-known brand for analog and digital synths, having helped to shape the sound of electronic music production immensely. Music producers around the world appreciate their distinctive and great sound. 6 years ago the first Yamaha DX7-inspired Korg Volca FM was released and it remains an industry favorite. The new Korg Volca FM 2 will come with some major upgrades,

Due to the instant success of the original, Nicky Romero Kickstart 2 has come out with major updates and new features. In 2013, the first Kickstart sidechain plugin by EDM icon Nicky Romero and Cableguys came out. Appreciated for its simplicity, it quickly became the go-to sidechain tool for big producers like Axwell, Timbaland, David Guetta, and many more.   | 20 Best

Swedish boutique electronics maker Teenage Engineering has come together with Milan fashion house Off-White to produce a limited edition version of the OB-4 speaker. A tribute to late fashion mogul Virgil Abloh, this joint project heavily features the Off-white logo and style, marking the first collaboration between the two iconic brands.   | The Essential: Plugins & Gear used by 70+ artists – Click here to