Arguably the leading company for DJ equipment, Pioneer DJ was founded in 2014 (with the main corporation being founded in January of 1938) and has been going strong ever since then.With a massive catalogue of impressive products to suit everyone's DJ needs, you can find their products being used at major festivals, clubs, home studios and even more. With that being said,

If you're a Deadmau5 (Joel Zimmerman) fan - or just someone who keeps up to date with the industry - you'll know how impressive the cube stage design is. Going through three versions of it, each bigger and somehow better than the one before, Joel outdoes himself every time and gives fans a true spectacle when they flock to see his Cube

Apple have taken the next step to making Apple Music available for all consumers. The move will be welcomed by those not owning Apple devices. Recently the tech giant released a web page open beta for the Apple Music. Anyone can now access their account through any web browser. However you'll still need an Apple Music subscription to take advantage of the

Facebook have trialled a new "Collaborative Stories for Public Figures" feature at this years Tomorrowland as the social networking site looks to transform its services beyond 2020. To keep up with the social media competition, networking giant Facebook turned its focus towards a story feature with the aim of combining public events and artists together within them. In effect, this would benefit

Music lovers fit into one of two categories: an Apple Music subscriber or a Spotify subscriber, and the battle between the two streaming platforms is ever-growing. Although Spotify launched in 2008 and Apple Music launched in 2015, Apple Music currently has more American subscribers (at the time of writing) and the streaming platform has just reached a massive 60 million

Which DJ has the best visuals? This has always been a hot topic amongst the EDM community. Is it Deadmau5? Bassnectar? Well whoever you think it is, you may have to reconsider. Eric Prydz is renowned for his fantastic visuals at his shows, incorporation mind-blowing holograms and lasers into many of his live performances, including his famous HOLO shows. Eric Prydz

The end of iTunes is coming, as well as other important changes within the giant tech company Apple. Apple CEO Tim Cook is attending the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, California, alongside other company leaders. During their keynote presentation, they are expected to reveal the last updates, as well as develop in the ones that have already been disclosed. One

Apple's iPod Touch hasn't seen a new update since 2015. With all other models discontinued, this was well due for an update. Following the updates of MacBook Air and Mac Mini, Apple has gone and delivered the 7th generation iPod Touch. The device will pack an A10 Fusion Chip, which is used by iPhone7 & iPhone7 s. Also, with features such as

It seems like the Dutch DJ and king of remixes, R3HAB is unstoppable. He refuses to stay inactive even for a week! A few days ago, he released his new single 'Don't Give Up On Me Now' and now his independent label CYB3RPVNK announced a mysterious new artist on board of their team, under the name Cityzen. Although his identity is unknown

The top-selling video game Fortnite, released by Epic Games, is taking electronic music onto a new level. Marshmello, who is usually headlining festivals and performed at the 'The Voice' finale together with Bastille, is set to perform a virtual show inside Fortnite Battle Royale. Known through his hits like 'Alone' or 'Wolves' feat. Selena Gomez, Marshmello is set to perform at