The RX series is probably one of the most popular plugins in iZotope's catalogue due to its sheer capability for audio cleanup and restoration. Be it removing background noise, extracting vocals or de-essing audio samples, RX does a pretty good job in most of these aspects. To hype up the release of the latest edition of the RX series, the

The capabilities and audio quality within the digital world have been improving rapidly for the last 10 years. Many audio engineers have been combining analog gear together with digital plugins as the differences are getting smaller and smaller. Through advanced artificial intelligence, we're able to mimic analog circuitry. This will give us the capability to break boundaries and go beyond

Baby Audio has been creating quite some buzz within the music production industry recently with its immaculate yet affordable set of plugins. For the first time, Baby Audio incorporated AI (Artificial Intelligence) into developing their new tape emulation plugin, TAIP.   Instead of trying to copy the circuitry of analog gear, they've trained an algorithm that mimics the circuitry for you. While creating

Rocket-Powered Sound is a sound design & music production firm that started out offering high-quality Serum presets, wavetables, samples, and masterclasses. As an addition to their store, they recently launched their own first-ever plugin called Thickify. Since its launch, Thickify has attracted quite some attention among music producers. We spent the past couple of weeks trying to understand the details of

Slate & Ash, plugin manufacturers from the United Kingdom came into the limelight on the release of their unique and extremely creative sampling plugin, Cycles. Recently they launched their third plugin, Landforms which aims at shifting the traditional orchestral perspective. Down below is our in-depth review of the plugin. Features The U.S.P of Landforms is redefining the approach towards orchestral samples. As

There are a lot of plugins out there that emulate bass guitars, but this one from Ample Sounds, released back in 2013 might still be one of the most realistic and thick-sounding yet. Being frequently used by Disclosure and other big artists, Ample Bass P has been one of the industry favorites when it comes to bass guitar. Down below is our in-depth

Goodhertz Wow Control Plugin draws its inspiration from the "Wow & Flutter" section from the famously known Vulf Compressor. This plugin emulates the oddities of analog tape and adds a unique flavor to your mixdowns. In this article, we'll go through what this plugin has to offer.   Features In this plugin by Goodhertz you can choose from three different tape modes, 15 ips, 7.5 ips,

Plugins and libraries that supply producers with pristine cinematic percussion are a rarity nowadays, but one brand that has been nailing this is Spitfire Audio. Spitfire recently teamed up with film composer Charlie Clouser to create a new and impactful collection of percussive elements called Hammers. Clouser has worked on the film scores of movies such as Saw and Resident Evil: Extinction, so you

After Vulfpeck's Jack Stratton read about a compression algorithm from the legendary Boss SP-303 Dr. Sample, he enlisted two friends, Rob Stenson and Devin Kerr (co-founders of Goodhertz), and started working to bring that algorithm to life in a digital form. After quite some time they successfully emulated the Boss SP-303, but this time, Devin expanded the algorithm and fine-tuned the

BOOM Library has been one of the top favorite places for sample packs when it comes to cinematic scores & orchestral music. The immaculate quality of samples has gained the attention of music producers and composers all across the globe. BOOM Library has also been building its portfolio in the plugins industry as well. Down below is our review of

Kontakt is one of the most progressive sampling platforms in the world. Many plugin development companies are switching to Kontakt Instruments for its ease of use and functionality. It can be hard to choose between so many different Kontakt libraries & instruments, but we have done this work for you. Down below you'll find the 20 best Kontakt Libraries & Instruments

As a music producer, you might be well aware of some of the most popular synth plugins such as Serum, Diva, Massive, Sylenth, etc. Most of the synth plugins today are based on oscillator-based synthesis. Phobos by Spitfire which is designed by electronic music pioneer, BT, drifted away from the usual oscillator-based synthesis and provided a whole new dimension to