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The guitar has been a really important instrument in music production for a long long time and its relevance hasn't decreased by a single percent to the present date. Since having a great guitar piece for your music requires some advanced playing skills along with the cost of a guitar and proper recording equipment, it can be very difficult for

Harmonic distortion is one of the most important effects since the first analog tools were introduced. Unstable circuitries introduce distortion to the incoming signal which is utilized in modern-day music as a means to add flavor to various different sounds. Overdriving the built-in tubes and transistors can cause heavy distortion but it can also add the right harmonics to your

Delay is an audio signal processing technique and an effects unit that records the input signal and plays it back after a period of time. The delayed signal may either be played back multiple times or played back into the recording again, to create the sound of a repeating echo. Delay effects range from a subtle echo effect to a