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During the pandemic, we have seen the drastic growth of DJ mixes being streamed through Twitch, YouTube, and other platforms as well. Taking into consideration the importance and demand for these mixes, Apple music has taken an initiative to compensate DJs for uploading their mixes on Apple Music. With the announcement of advancement in Music Information Retrieval (MIR) technology through

FaderPro has been making big waves lately through several partnerships with many big DJs/producers. Recently, they arranged a 3-part masterclass and a contest to release a track together with Nicky Romero. In addition to their recent activities, FaderPro also announced their newest subscription service called the "FaderPro Producers Club", specially arranged for budding music producers.   | Best Vocal Sample Packs - Click here

Back in 1979, Sony introduced the first original walkman to the world. From that moment on, 40+ years later, billions of people have been listening to music through headphones and earphones. Hearing loss has been a big problem ever since, but Yamaha has been putting out some promising details about their new earphones.   Sound leakage and ambient noise have been the

Mark Ronson's Watch the Sound is a new docuseries released on Apple TV+ that explores the unique production techniques of modern music. Each episode of the six-part series dives into the technology that revolutionized modern music such as sampling, auto-tune, reverb, synthesizers, drum machines, and distortion. The show includes appearances from artists such as Paul McCartney, Charli XCX, Beastie Boys, Denzel Curry, Tame Impala, and

RMV is a turntable that allows you to feel both analog and digital sensibilities in a very stylish way. RMV stands for Retro Modern Vibe and it delivers the atmosphere of the past and the present in a natural and harmonious manner. With its unique design, this turntable is designed to suit the interior of your home in a classy way and

Recently, the staff at Billboard listed the Top 50 Music Producers of the 21st Century by ranking producers by their impact and innovation in the music scene since the year 2000. Since the beginning of the century, these producers have had a major contribution to the success of popular music records; below are their rankings with their associated acts:   50. RedOne Associated Acts: Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj,

Studio monitor manufacturer Genelec recently announced GLM 4.1, an update to their loudspeaker manager software GLM in celebration of 15 years since the publication of the first version of the program. GLM is a calibration software for studio monitors and is used as a sonic reference. The software is used among audio engineers across the world, not only for music but also for video

After being an invite-only platform for the past year, the social-audio app Clubhouse is now open to the public. The beta version of the application was introduced in March 2020, and access was only given to users who were invited to use the app. On July 21, 2021 the co-founders Paul Davison and Rohan Seth announced that the app is

FaderPro has been offering a broad range of music production courses from some of the biggest artists in the world, but this time they've arranged something different. Grab this ultimate chance to work alongside one of the world's biggest international DJ/Producers, Nicky Romero. The winner gets to release a track on his Protocol Recordings Label as a potential collaboration with him. This

Audio editing and recording software Audacity was classified as “spyware” by news source FOSS Post this past weekend following the software’s most recent privacy policy change. On July 2, Audacity updated their privacy policy by adding new types of personal data that would be collected for app analytics and for the improvement of the application. The personal data includes OS

Last year when Behringer introduced their MODEL 55 range of Eurorack modules, they got a lot of comments from people desiring pre-assembled systems. Almost a year later Behringer now introduces their SYSTEM-15/35/55 and ensures that the modules you'll find in each bundle are historically accurate to the expensive ones that were available in the 1970s. Down below we'll go through each

During one of the world's largest music product trade shows, called NAMM, Behringer displayed some of their newest upcoming releases. The Behringer RD-8 MKII drum machine did come as a surprise as they didn't announce it during NAMM 2021. On June 28, 2021, Behringer introduced their newest drum machine to the world through an introduction video on YouTube.   | Best House

For those who don't know what acapella is and why it is very useful to make music with it, here you will get some insight and inspiration for your further projects. An Acapella or (a capella) is a performance by a singer or a group of singers without any instrumental accompaniment. Working with an acapella gives you the freedom to transform