CMC$, NUZB & Felix Samuel

CMC$, NUZB & Felix Samuel celebrate release of ‘Sin City’ with comic book giveaway

Some tracks and collaborations end up being bigger than just the music, as the artists involved envision a world that exists beyond the sonic frequencies they create in the studio. For the new single Sin City from CMC$, NUZB and Fenix Samuel, that vision has birthed a massive new single as well as a limited edition comic book.

The crafting of Sin City occurred over several months earlier this year, as CMC$ and NUZB decided to finally dig into working on a track together after knowing each other for some time.  CMC$ had already had a working demo of the track with vocalist Felix Samuel that was sent over to NUZB who describes his initial reaction and evolution of the track from then on:

In January of this year Yael sent me an idea and I really liked it, especially the vocals, it was the first demo of ‘Sin City’. I remember to say that I wanted to recreate the vibes because the original version was too dark – maybe because of the story of the lyrics – but yeah, I thought it could be something different, so I went for it, I did the first version of the collaboration and sent to Yael which loved it but he still wanted to work on it. He put some guitars and other elements on it which brought some of the dark vibes back but in a better way, I really love the combination.

Work continued on the track until the call and response bass elements of the drop were added, finally giving the producers a feeling of completion before the final mix and master.  With the track out, the three artists decided to come together to create a Sin City-styled comic book that depicts an adventure of their breaking into the Repulsive Records to steal a USB full of bangers.  The limited edition comic book, as well as a USB, will be given away to three lucky winners who enter here.



Image: Press / Courtesy of Future House Music

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