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The Vengaboys have taken Charli XCX and Troye Sivan's 2019 single '1999' and given it a proper throwback with a cover that encapsulates the 1990s. The group also released a music video with the cover. In the video, the group surrounds itself with albums (Daft Punk, Dr. Dre, Nirvana, etc.) and items that became popular with that decade. The video also includes pop culture TV shows and features a

As we enter October, the timeless Armin Van Buuren classic "Communication" has reached its 21st anniversary. In 1999 and a fresh-faced Armin van Buuren was beginning to find himself growing as a DJ and producer, exploring an innovative trance scene across the world. Following the release of "EP", "Push" and the very successful "Blue Fear", he had been back in the studio working on another track

Undoubtedly one of the quirkier turn of the millennium pieces of music released, Australian director Baz Luhrmann’s 'Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)' was a release that made quite a mark for a variety of reasons. Being a completely spoken word song, the 1999 release was a thoroughly didactic lyrical piece that offered thorough lifestyle advice. The sardonic prose of the delivery ultimately led

Italian record producer Dr. Shiver and Paris born star Solberjum are back with a next level collaboration that is ready to erupt on the dancefloor and cause waves across the electronic scene. Having already impressed audiences with their track 'Dom Dom' (ft. Bo Valentine) which charted at number 15 on the Beatport House chart, both Dr. Shiver and Solberjum are proving a formidable partnership in the studio. Now joining

It's no secret that electronic music as a whole has grown rapidly over the past decade. Everything from commercial sub-genres like Big Room & Electro House, to the underground sounds of Techno and Gabber, have all exploded. Now with the growth of festivals such as Ultra Miami and Tomorrowland and commercial radio hopping on the EDM bandwagon, electronic music recognition and revenue is

Almost two decades on since its release, 'Natural Blues', a track by American music producer Moby has been taken on by electronic brothers Showtek who have reworked the track with an epic edit. 'Natural Blues' was the fifth single from Moby's 1999 studio album 'Play' which peaked at number six on Billboard's US Hot Dance music/maxi-singles sales chart in 2000. Now revived by Sjoerd Janssen and