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Kiasmos. Crystal Castles. Pendulum. Depeche Mode. Massive Attack. Despite all being incredibly talented electronic artists, they share another thing in common: they all have awesome group names. Having a cool name isn't exactly a direct path to stardom, but it sure as hell helps if you have something that rolls off the tongue and looks great in print. That said,

Audien and 3LAU released their new collaboration 'Hot Water', on Astralwerks, today ahead of their B2B performance at this year's EDC in Las Vegas. Vocalist Victoria Zaro features on the bass-heavy track, her vocals lending it a smokier vibe. The new single begins as an electropop track with a slow beat and clashing synths, and builds to dark, distorted bass.

3LAU takes listeners back to the 80's on his glittering new track "On My Mind" featuring vocals from Yeah Boy. The song feels like a drive through palm-tree, sun-soaked Miami in the middle of the night. The chorus is simple stuttering repetition of "on my mind" and the break comes with crystalline synths and an 80s-esque bassline. The vocals aren't just

3LAU is an artist that always prompts an excited response when he announces details of his upcoming plans and activities. So many were amply pleased to say the least when he announced in typically understated form, he is putting his hand at releasing his debut album later this year. Tipped to be available in the summer, the DJ/Producer brought the news

Reputed for their musical talent, 3LAU, Alesso and Valentino Khan, the trio are the latest top tier names to join the Mannequin Challenge craze. The current 'buzz-trend' in the western world, the new 'Harlem Shake' has attracted thousands of versions from around the world to be undertaken. After the impressive scale of Marshmello's earlier this week, 3LAU, Alesso and Valentino Khan are putting

3LAU's development as an artist has been impressive to say the least. Now with over five years experience in the studio and on the stage, he has evolved far beyond his mashup roots. Starting off by touring college campuses, he went on to create some of the scene's most loved track such as "How You Love Me" and mroe recently "Is

Embarking on what seems to be a more melodic journey than most may be used to, mashup master 3LAU has done it again with his newest release, "Is It Love", alongside Aussie newcomer, Yeah Boy. Finding a home in a genre unlike most, "Is It Love" seems to be special in terms of heavy vocals mixed with smooth, transitional undertones -

Justin Blau, better known by his DJ name 3LAU, has recently made headlines with the announcement of BLUME- EDM's non-profit record label and philanthropist movement. It's mission? Simple- "To unite dance music listeners worldwide around philanthropic causes". This revolutionary platform will be targeted around bettering humanity strictly on a basis of love for music and each other. We have yet to receive information on how his recordings, donations