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As festival organizers across the globe continue to innovate amidst the COVID019 pandemic, Guatemalan-American producer Carnage has taken festival announcements into his own hands. By becoming recognized not only for his festival trap signature, but his world-wide festivals such as his RARE Fest in locations such as New York and even Bangkok. Carnage also continues to make trap and bass history through

Ultra Records drops 4B's new single "Did You" that he created in collaboration with R&B artist Chris Brown. Since 2018, 4B has previewed this new hit before at different events. With fans having eagerly awaited this track for some time, it has finally officially been released. DJ and producer, 4B was the artist who fired off DJ Snake's label Premiere Classe

What a year it's been for Robert McKeon Jr. - known by stage name 4B. At only 26 years old, he has conquered the music industry in a short amount of time and has made his way to the top with all the heavyweights of his genre, and has even collaborated with some of them. If his music is good enough for the

Robert McKeon Jr. known simply by his stage name 4B is someone who has been perfecting his skills for nearly half of his life already. At 26 years old, he has quickly become a rising whirlwind of talent and saw a huge rise in popularity with Aazar collaboration 'Pop Dat' back in 2015 which has over 12 million Spotify streams. The energy he brings with his life

Pardon My French cohorts and now collaborators, DJ Snake and Mercer come together for their bew tune 'Let's Get Ill'. DJ Snake made a surprise announcement that there was new music on the way. Of course, the announcement came with short notice, however it was only until recently that information came forth the tune would end up being a collaboration with