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Being a successful DJ and producer is certainly one of the most profitable jobs you can have. 'One Kiss' producer and international renowned Scottish producer Calvin Harris is undoubtedly one of the richest person in the industry. Now, the Sunday Times has revealed a list of the richest musicians in the UK and Ireland. The list includes both the richest artists in general as well as

Adele's comeback masterpiece "Hello" has been receiving some serious remix treatment lately, and rightfully so. It's a beautiful song that has an unlimited amount of potential in the EDM world. Well, we have a remix for you that we simply can't get enough of. Hawaii native, Kepik, put his progressive spin on the track to give it a refreshing, uplifting, and

Adele's recent hit 'Hello' has undergone a lot of treatment from the Electronic Dance Music scene. Artists and genres all took to the hit and gave it their unique twists. But a seriously uncanny path was taken by House Music's established authority Kryder. The Groove Master ditched his forte to venture into the Drum & Bass territory. Kryder takes on the

Danish producer, MORTEN, just gave his own rendition on Adele’s record breaking single ‘Hello’. While we are more used to hear bigger rooms and festival crowds songs from MORTEN, the Dane producer offers us this time a fresher and more dialled back take on the modern house sound with his remix of 'Hello'. He also recently remixed the Stafford Brothers’ Jay Sean and Rick Ross featuring