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Hailing from New York City, Ahzee has made a name for himself as a well established and talented producer. Gaining millions of views on his tracks across the biggest streaming platforms, world domination is within his reach and it's not going to take him long at all to become a household name - something that is taking formation already. He's shown his

New York City native Ahzee has seen himself gain notable success over the years of his career so far, particularly in Europe. Learning how to DJ from quite a young age, he has shaped and perfected his skills over the years which has carried him into creating his own productions, and his fanbase has stuck by him through each release. In the

In only a couple of years, Kevin Ahzee has become one of the industry’s most established DJ’s and producers. Since breaking through the scene with his highly successful single called “Born Again”, Ahzee has turned into a household name within the dance music community and has gained a strong following all across the globe. Along with his success performing at prominent

Ahzee is a unique member of the scene. Hailing from New York, he has seen major success from Europe in particular. Learning to disk-jockey from an early age, electronic dance music quickly became his passion. Going on to develop hi skill set and understanding, his desires to create and share his own work is now a daily reality. Chasing an innovative approach

Hailing from his hometown of New York, Ahzee has set himself up quite well in the dance music scene with his signature #Ahzeedrop that fans around the world have come to know and love. Ahzee is well known for his previous hits 'Born Again' and 'Kings' which have racked up millions of streams in a matter of months. The New