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ALWZ SNNY releases new track titled ‘Stupid Love’ with TyeReffic. If you’re looking for some good vibes from a new EDM track, ALWZ SNNY has got your back, his brand new release alongside rapper/songwriter TyeReffic is a track to not miss. It’s no surprise to see ALWZ SNNY produce some catchy and upbeat dance music once again, considering his previous releases

ALWZ SNNY releases a new single 'Wasted' featuring vocalist Krysta Youngs. Annapolis, Maryland native ALWZ SNNY is back with another fun and light-hearted single 'Wasted', as well as a cheery music video that you can watch here.  Emerging onto the scene earlier this year, ALWZ SNNY is characterized by his sunshine headgear, sunglasses, and bright beats. To date, he's released lighthearted