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It's no secret that vinyl sales have been exploding over the past few years, with the nostalgic and retro musical format rising back in popularity, having a sales increase of over 40% in 2020, causing it to beat out the overall sales of the CD for the first time since the 1980s. E-commerce giant Amazon is now joining in on the

Over in the United States, album sales have plummeted amid the on-going coronavirus pandemic and figures show they are lowest they have been in over 60 years. Although you might still think the numbers are pretty high, only an estimated 1.52 million albums were sold during the week starting March 19th, according to entertainment media brand Billboard. They have recognised that both

The recent outbreak of the novel COVID-19 virus has a huge impact on the electronic music dance scene. Hundreds of shows around the world are getting cancelled and postponed, but this is not the only thing. Amazon, one of the biggest online shopping platforms out there is also taking special measures during these hectic times, they will be disabling shipment

Taking a step in a new direction this new year, Amazon has launched a brand new platform called 'Choose Your Own DJ'.  Creating an alternative to listening to mixes and live sets via YouTube, Amazon is following a similar blueprint to Spotify's artist radio, however, with a twist. The playlists featured on Amazon's 'Choose Your Own DJ' are hand-picked by the

According to the international news agency Reuters, Amazon are keen on the idea of venturing into the ticket selling industry and competing with the likes of Ticketmaster as the Ticketmaster company have had increased complaints on their overall customer service. A report has shown that there is a huge gap in the current ticketing market that Amazon can fit into. With