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They're back, they're back, THEY'RE BACK! This was probably the reaction of most progressive fans from the glory days when they found out that the legendary Arno Cost & Norman Doray collaboration dream team is back with a brand new banger! Dropping on the phenomenal Positiva Records - home of classics like B.B.E.'s 'Seven Days and One Week', Binary Finary's '1998',

In what’s sounding to be a top notch effort for the summer, Arno Cost has taken on Swedish 28 member pop-group I’m From Barcelona's 2015 track 'Violins' to deliver one of summer’s most iconic tunes. With the Jönköping pop-ensemble being led by Emanuel Lundgren to provide the buoyant vocals and mellifluous layout to the track, it is Arno Cost’s production adeptness

A track that needs absolutely no introduction — this elusive remix from Sebastian Ingrosso's protégé of one of the greatest dance music tracks of the decade, has finally come to see the light. The Otto Knows remix of French titans Arno Cost & Norman Doray's hallmark record 'Apocalypse' is finally out after its prime-time debut on the Tomorrowland 2013 main stage by

It's time for your favourite French disco-house-pop artist again. And no we're not talking about David Guetta or Daft Punk. We're speaking about Paris based Arno Cost. After a more than successful year, including releases such as "Coming Home", "Rising Love" or "At Night", and not to forget the launch of his triumphant radio show 'When In Paris'. Rightfully nostalgic, Arno

Ever since he first made his presence known in the Dance Music world back in 2006, Vadim Arnaud Constentin, aka Arno Cost has been bringing us beautiful melodic tracks that helped shape the mainstream "progressive house" today. His unique french background-inspired, disco-infused, melody-oriented work has prove to be a recipe for success, gaining him a massive fan base around the globe. We were able to connect

Paris based producer, Arno Cost can never be silent for too long, due to his talent that delivers tune after tune. This time, he is receiving a vocal treatment coming from James Newman, getting released on Armin Van Buuren's ever growing Armada sublabel, Armada Trice. The french talent has dropped a melodic bomb, with high summer vibes injected by the stunning melody