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Electronic artist Franzoli Electronics created one of the most innovative covers of iconic Daft Punk track ‘Around The World’, using a set made of Tesla coils. More than a month has passed since legendary French duo Daft Punk announced their split. However, what seemed to be the end of the electronic pioneers, seems to be a restart of their success, as the heartbreaking

Although the iconic French duo disbanded after 28 years in February, their influence is never going to disappear; on the contrary, it is rumored that Daft Punk might be featured in Splatoon 3, a third-person shooter Nintendo game, coming in 2022. The word on the street, more precisely on Twitter, is that Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo might appear in the game, as an image

Tomorrowland has taken to Instagram to announce an addition to 'Tomorrowland: Around The World' called 'Inspiration Sessions'. 'Inspiration Sessions' will be available to all viewers throughout the duration of 'Around The World' and will feature talks and showcases of some of the world's most successful entrepreneurs in all fields. Some of the speakers include Ben Francis, the Founder of Gymshark,

Hailing from Tel Aviv, Israeli duo Teamworx haven't stopped working since their debut release on Wayne & Woods' Void Records, and their beyond impressive progress since then speaks for itself. With a slew of releases on venerable record labels such as Protocol Recordings and Fonk Recordings to name a few, the uber-talented duo show no signs of stopping anytime soon. Their most