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PolyBrute, Arturia's mid-range analogue synth was launched just over three years ago. A 3.0 update has just been rolled out for all  owners to take advantage off. This update introduces a slew of exciting features, cementing the synth's reputation as a versatile and indispensable tool for musicians and producers alike. The update also simplifies effects routing, enhancing the overall user experience. Users can

The unmistakable sound of acid house came to prominence in the mid-80s, emerging from the Chicago underground with a signature penchant for chirping basslines. At the center of this was the Roland TB-303, a small synth that quickly went from commercial failure to cult classic as it conquered dancefloors from the American Midwest to London and Manchester. Almost 40 years

Kali Audio LP-8 V2 studio monitors are a game-changer for music creators, professional content producers, audiophiles, and professional studios. With their advanced features, attractive design, and affordable price of $249 each, these 8-inch studio monitors deliver transparent and accurate sound across genres and formats.   Key Specifications and Features With the 3-D Imaging Waveguide, you can enjoy an expanded soundstage and a wide

Arturia unveiled the KeyLab Essential mk3, a MIDI keyboard controller that promises to elevate the music-making experience to new heights. Designed with the musician and producer in mind, this keyboard offers a personalized and enjoyable workflow like never before. One of the standout features of the KeyLab Essential mk3 is its upgraded workflow, tailored for modern music production. The controller provides

As a global leader in music production and sound design software and hardware, Arturia is a trusted name for producers everywhere looking to enhance their own skills and projects.  For any producer, engineer, or interested party looking to expand their sound catalog and library, the upcoming weeks would be a great chance to do so with items available at a

While having an elite synthesizer doesn't guarantee success in the music industry, it certainly is a desired tool of any producer and songwriter looking to shape their sound and hone their own style.  Arturia understands the needs of artists and producers and has made a name for themselves delivering high quality equipment and tools for music creation. Those familiar with Arturia will

Didn't get what you wanted this holiday season? Don't fret! Our friends at Arturia have got just the thing for you. Their latest plugin, a gorgeous and fun new filter based on the aggressive sound of a fabled 70s synth, is available for free for a limited time. Arturia Filter MS-20, with its exceptional ability to expand and color any sound

French digital and analog audio company Arturia is at the top when it comes to analog synth emulation and providing great-sounding and highly versatile mixing plugins. To achieve this quality, Arturia is keen to module every product as accurately as possible, leading to their reputation for putting a modern twist on old-school plugins- Dist COLDFIRE, an infinite distortion plugin delivering many

Nobody does analog emulation quite like Arturia. Their V collection of synths, with faithful and impactful recreations of legendary instruments like the Prophet-5, the Farfisa, the Clavinet, the Mellotron, and more, is one of the best product lines in the industry; the same can be said about their highly-lauded effects pack. Arturia FX Collection 3, the latest update, adds 4 new