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French digital and analog audio company Arturia is at the top when it comes to analog synth emulation and providing great-sounding and highly versatile mixing plugins. To achieve this quality, Arturia is keen to module every product as accurately as possible, leading to their reputation for putting a modern twist on old-school plugins- Dist COLDFIRE, an infinite distortion plugin delivering many

Nobody does analog emulation quite like Arturia. Their V collection of synths, with faithful and impactful recreations of legendary instruments like the Prophet-5, the Farfisa, the Clavinet, the Mellotron, and more, is one of the best product lines in the industry; the same can be said about their highly-lauded effects pack. Arturia FX Collection 3, the latest update, adds 4 new

Do you like the Beatles? How about David Bowie, Led Zeppelin or King Crimson? Odds are, if you like any music from the 60s or 70s, you've heard this synth and loved it. Its raspy, flowing tone and quirky, captivating orchestral capabilities have been delighting listeners for over 50 years. Finding one to play on your own music would cost