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When we say 'golden era', one track which will instantly come to the forefront of your mind is 'Atom' by Nari & Milani. The term loosely refers to a period between 2009-2014 (specifically 2010-2013) when 'EDM' rose in popularity across the world, becoming the new trending genre, with electronic hits peppering the commercial charts weekly, and taking over mainstream radio

Thanking fans for a monumental year, the esteemed Israeli duo Teamworx composed of Ben Azoulay and Saar Lagziel recently released an end of year mix. What a year it was, the duo made huge strides in their musical careers throughout 2017. What started as two classmates culminated into a dance music force to be reckoned with. The signature sound of the

Boom, it's time to get funky. SIZE Records pulls through again with a release that comes from two producers with un-compromised chemistry in the studio. In May of 2016 Steve Angello played a rather auspicious track on BBC Radio 1 that couldn't leave fans heads. The record in question was UK producer Corey James and Israeli producer duo Teamworx' seismic collaboration

One of the most breakthrough electro house releases of all time has just turned five years old. Nari & Milani's magnum opus 'Atom' has graced many a stage across the world over the last few years, marking itself as one of the most supported tracks in modern day dance music. The sheer power behind 'Atom' speaks for itself on the dance floor, turning