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Today, mau5trap, the label fronted by deadmau5, is treating us to another anticipated volume of the 'We Are Friends' series, which rounds up some new and exciting music coming out from the staple artists of the well-loved imprint. 'We Are Friends, Vol.10'  encourages fans to enter the city of WAFX, where they will be greeted with artists that have been imperative to the label's history

Known as the first ever artist to be signed to mau5trap, the label fronted by deadmau5, Canadian DJ and producer ATTLAS is firing on all cylinders at the moment. The artist who's real name is Jeffrey Hartford has been hard at work finishing up his sophomore album which has finally landed today, and it comes quickly after the release of his first album 'Lavender God' released earlier

Anticipation has been exceedingly high ahead of the release of deadmau5's brand new EP. Featuring 8 brand new tracks, including 3 remixes, the EP features a diverse range of production styles spanning the electronic music spectrum. Today, the EP was finally released, provoking a hugely positive response from audiences worldwide. Perhaps the most eagerly-awaited track, the EP opens with deadmau5's collaboration

Wildly regarded as one of Deadmau5's most iconic tracks, 'Strobe' has gone on to be recognised as a timeless classic that continues to evoke emotions years after its original release. And now, marking the 100th release on Mau5trap, the legendary track has received a host of fresh new official remixes from some of the label's biggest names. Dimension, Feed Me, Lane 8, ATTLAS, and

Mau5trap has seen a steady and rightfully earned elevation in reputation over the past 12 months or so, and its recurring ‘We Are Friends’ series has evolved to become the staple foundation of new material. This week we are treated to the 5th edition of the compilation album, and its certainly worth the wait. Kicking things off is label frontman himself, Deadmau5,

Without doubt one of the most exciting producers around at the moment, Jeff Hartford, more commonly known as ATTLAS is slowly igniting the world of dance music on fire with his electric productions and top quality music. Coming out with his latest offering on mau5trap, Aspen is hard to categorize to a single genre, which speaks volumes for the sounds that ATTLAS

Going in hard to the studio over the past number of months, deadmau5 has had the creative juices flowing nicely with a range of different tracks being uploaded to his Soundcloud since the completion of his new studio. With another twitch stream last night, 'the mau5' has worked tirelessly as per usual and even had a special guest in the form