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Those who prefer Windows for their operating system (myself included) will probably tell you that Mac isn't all that, but in truth, there's a few pieces of exclusive hardware and software that are almost enough to make converts out of us. One such item, a desktop powerhouse that the manufacturer calls "the world's most popular professional desktop audio interface", will

Since 1928, Neumann has been known for achieving milestone after milestone in professional audio technology. For almost 100 years, the Berlin based manufacturer has taken pride in setting the standard for producing top of the line microphones, and they have every intention of continuing to raise that bar. With the announcement of the Neumann MT 48, the recording industry will be

MOTU is an engineer-driven development company, specializing in the field of hardware and software. Their catalog holds onto audio interfaces, MIDI interfaces, audio software, virtual instruments, video interfaces, and a range of accessories. As an addition to their M-series, they've added the exciting new MOTU M6 audio interface.   |  Best VST Plugins of 2022 – Click here to checkout   The M6 audio interface

Avid provides the world with a range of video and audio content, including movies, series, sports shows, music, and music production gear. Gather experience and knowledge through multiple online tutorials, connect with like-minded people worldwide, and start collaborating anywhere, anytime. Avid newest development will be a crossover between professionalism and personality, all compiled into 1 box. Meet the Avid MBOX

Hampshire-based Audient is one of the biggest players in the studio hardware space, and they've gone and made an audio interface that's just as massive as they are. The extraordinary Audient EVO 16 is here, and you have to see it.   | ARTURIA FX Collection 3 + V Collection 9 Giveaway  – Click here to check it out   Let's get this out of the way

English music equipment manufacturer Neve has long been a big name- founded in the 60s and merged with AMS in 1992, the company behind some of the greatest mixing consoles ever made is introducing something rather different (and much, much smaller). Widely recognized for some of the best hardware of the past, this legendary maker is bringing about the future with

Odds are, when you think "audio interface", a certain small, red, device from Focusrite comes to mind. It sometimes feels like one of the models in the English manufacturer's Scarlett series was everyone's first interface, but luckily, that's not all they've got to offer to creatives- the brand new Focusrite Vocaster series, consisting of the Vocaster One and the Vocaster