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With everyone hopeful for the summer, we're looking to 2021 to be full of festivals and events once more. With countries slowly but surely seeing a full recovery from Covid-19, event promoters, festivals, DJs and more are optimistic and it shows with the amount of events that are being announced right now. Currently, the popular months of choice happen to

The 2020 edition of the Dutch festival Mysteryland is postponed to August 27th-29th 2021, after the release of an official statement from the organizers on their website and social media platforms. This is yet another festival impacted by the crisis around the COVID-19 pandemic. In the past few weeks, other major events have also been postponed to 2021, such as Tomorrowland Belgium,

While those who keep a keen track of their performance dates and scheduled shows, may be aware of Swedish House Mafia's upcoming performances, but the official website of the musical group seems to have inadvertently revealed some scintillating news for the fans. The Swedish House Mafia website's code accidentally revealed that the trio are scheduled to perform at the Zürich Openair