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There is nothing more satisfying that hearing an old banger brought back to life in a new form. Often you hear a revamped version of tracks like 'Rhythm Is A Dancer' or 'Show Me Love', but more recently trance classics have been the source for producers. With that in mind, a producer who is no stranger to We Rave You

Up-and-coming powerhouse Axwanging has signed a colossal deal with Revealed Recordings to release his newest single called "Vertigo" alongside fellow German producer Roone. With its combination of vibrant melodies and striking vocals, this track is an absolute treat to hear right from the get-go. Following its intensifying buildups, the climatic sequences deliver a massive surge of energy through their heavy synths

German producer Axwanging is back with another huge single called "Addicted to Love", which will be released on BANG IT! Records on June 26. Currently one of the industry's brightest upcoming talents, Axwanging continues to evolve his craft in music production and showcase his creativity and versatility through his highly impressive portfolio thus far in his career. As a result of

Relatively new to the scene, German producer Axwanging is diving head first into the scene with his progressive, electro house medleys. Releasing tracks like "Bounce", "Raid", "Survivors" feat. Emily Harder and more, the young hit-maker's repertoire seems to continue to grow as his international fan base does. Knowing a thing or two about how to keep his listeners engaged from start to finish, next up on