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Sweden is renowned for producing some of the worlds best DJs and producers, including the sensational Otto Knows who continues to dominate the electronic dance music scene with his own unique style. Widely known for his iconic track ‘Million Voices’, Otto has continued to consistently produce music like 'Back Where I Belong' in collaboration with his good friend Avicii, Embracing much more than

When Otto Jettman and Tim Bergling first met they were young boys growing up in Sweden. Though they may have dreamed, there's not a chance they would have seen how their music careers would develop. The childhood friends worked their way into the music scene, becoming known as Otto Knows and Avicii. Their success as individuals came around similar periods,

Fans of the infamous long-time friends were overjoyed after the recent monumental announcement that Otto Knows and Avicii have finally collaborated on a track together. The track entitled 'Back Where I Belong' set the internet alight with fans' excitement about its official release. After the initial buzz around the track had calmed down, the pair decided to surprise their fans once again with a

Long time friends Otto Knows and Avicii have finally came together for a collaboration with a track which could no doubt make a dent in the charts, and also has the potential for being this year's summer anthem. The track entitled "Where I Belong" was a previously unreleased ID between the pair which has thankfully finally seen the light of day. A lovely