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Having built the foundations of his budding career on the success of past releases such as "Never A Goodbye" and his cover remix of Justin Bieber's "Love Yourself", Indian-origin producer Backclash is back with a brand new single titled "I Don't Wanna Fall In Love" alongside vocalist Saachi. After having evolved from originally being drawn towards producing progressive house to choosing in

Backclash is back with another outstanding production to continue his ascension within the electronic dance music scene. The upcoming Indian producer has just released his brilliant, tropical house remix of Hicari's pop single called "Stellar". Born as Aman Vanjani, Backclash sparked an interest in music production and sound engineering being a student in London and now, he has begun his journey in

At the mere age of 20 Aman Vanjani, better known by his stagename Backclash, has made headlines with his Tropical House releases. Taking inspiration from others in his lane like Kygo and Thomas Jack, Backclash and his sound have created a brand unlike anything the industry has seen yet. Now, the Indian native is taking his club sound to an international