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Back for it's 6th edition, UKF's 2016 Dubstep Compilation has finally made it's way to our ears, and the lineup couldn't better. Serving as the home for this year's leading bass producers, UKF brought the heat with its international roster, tailored to all walks of the art. Released and ready for purchase, this 22 song spread is catered towards the dubstep lover in

The last time we spoke with UK's Bare Noize, the duo were approaching the release of their widespread AFK collaboration, "Elemental". Since then, the boys have added some serious gain to their repertoire with the announcement of original track, "Spirit", and release of their self-developed record label, LA90. Needless to say, achieving all that success in such a short period has their recent team-up

The saga continues as UK's own Bare Noize surface back to industry focus with what seems to be a future full of dubstep anarchy. Taking a step in the right direction, these EDM giants have fashioned a career from their childhood love of music; transforming their passions into record breaking hits and dauntless artistry. Supported by icons Skrillex, Deadmau5, and a slue of