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As thousands of attendees make their way down to the beautiful Gorge Amphitheater in Washington for Excision's Bass Canyon Festival, this year a potential tragedy was stopped. According to the local authorities, police detained a man who allegedly had plans to commit a mass shooting at this year's festival.  Bass Canyon Festival has become globally recognized for bringing in top-tier acts

The dubstep king referred to as Excision needs no formal introductions. When the X's are up across the entire crowd and those monstrous basslines alongside top-notch visual production become apparent, fans already know what is about to go down when this legend takes the stage. After recently announcing the impressive lineup for this year's Lost Lands Music Festival, attendees cannot wait

Since 2017, the legendary dubstep haven known as Lost Lands has welcomed attendees from all around the world to the history Legend Valley venue. With Excision launching the festival, his fans were aware that any festival hosted by the dubstep king himself would definitely be a memorable one. As colossal amounts of bass fuel 40,000 attendees over the three day festival, Excision's