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Spain has waived the rule that obliged people to wear a face mask while being at the beach after massive protests by the main heads of the tourism sector. Ever since the pandemic started and Spain declared the emergency state back in March 2020, wearing a face mask in any public space is mandatory. The mentioned emergency state is set to reach

In the country of Serbia lies a city called Novi Sad. A beautiful and delicate city that lies along the Danube River, it is home to a cultural multitude of fascination that awaits each and every individual visitor. Home of the renowned Exit Festival and Petrovaradian Fortress, this landscape is deserving of the wanderlust and here is why you should visit Novi Sad. #1 Exit

Are you thinking in spending a few days at the magic island or just want to know the most interesting places? Here we'll give you a taste and reccomend you different beaches, hotels, bars and restaurants you can consider "must-go" while you're in Ibiza. Don't forget that within the island Ibiza it's not the only location. Sant Antoni and Santa Eulalia