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Berghain, the iconic Berlin nightclub known for its unwavering dedication to hardcore techno and underground electronic music, is about to host an unexpected guest: Skrillex. This upcoming event, part of PAN's 15th-anniversary celebration, is set to challenge conventional expectations by bringing Skrillex, a household name in the commercial electronic music scene, to the hallowed halls of Berghain. In this article,

One of the world's most notorious nightclubs, Berghain, has announced the lineups for their upcoming Christmas and 18th-anniversary events. With Christmas fast approaching, Berghain will invite thousands through its doors, for its Christmas Day event and 18th-anniversary celebrations. Having stood as the pride of Berlin's nightlife scene for almost 20 years, the venue will first celebrate its anniversary with a diverse

Berghain, the famous Berlin club, which first opened it's doors in 2004, is rumored to be closing permanently at the end of 2022.  The rumors come on the heels of the in house booking agency and record label, Ostgut Ton, ceasing operations earlier this year. The unique history of the club truly begins in 1998, when the club first opened its

Berghain is many things. It is one of the most closely guarded secrets ever. It is one of the most mysterious, elusive and selective clubs in the world. It's Berlin's most legendary venue. It's the authentic techno fortress. If they say it's almost impossible to escape from Alcatraz prison, the difficulty of getting into Berghain is equally legendary. The rules

Tesla and Space X CEO billionaire Elon Musk is one of the most influential individuals on the planet. Recently taking a visit to Germany's capital of Berlin over the weekend to open a brand new Tesla gigafactory, the billionaire decided on a bar crawl to some of the city's best and biggest clubs to celebrate, which reportedly ended in Elon

Berlin club, Berghain will plan to open its doors to dance fans for the first time in nine months this weekend. Beginning Saturday at 1 pm, Berghain's Klubgarten will welcome six acts to its outdoor stage. Since the cancellation of all events in 2020, the famous Berlin club has had to use its facility as an art gallery, The artists on Saturday will

If you are a real techno fan, then you know that it’s always challenging to choose a good club. However, just like I’m always confident in people I ask to do my paper while planning a cool party, I can say there are places with a rock-solid reputation for occasional or regular night club visitors. There, you always know that the

Robbie Williams plans to get into the club scene, opening a multi-functioning club and art gallery ‘a bit like Berghain’. According to Der Spiegel, the British pop star wants to open a music venue in Berlin to pursue a brand-new and ambitious project. 25 years after leaving the legendary boyband Take That, Robbie Williams is back and planning some extraordinary

The iconic Bootshaus Club in Cologne (Germany) has just announced they will be closing its doors until April 19th after the measures adopted by the local German government ahead of the Covid-19 concerns that is striking Europe right now. The music festival scene is currently going through hard times. In fact, it's difficult to remember the last time we experienced a