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We are heading towards the end of Cyber Week and this also marks the end of some of the ongoing sales on tools for music production. So if you have been looking forward to adding new plugins to your arsenal this might be the best time to do it as the current prices for most plugins are the lowest they

That euphoric moment when you realize that a song has its own heartbeat, and personality is what a producer lives for. A song that only exists in this world because of you. This feeling is the reason why XLN Audio started to develop virtual instruments. Providing you all the tools you need to lay down your idea's into a song.

Plugin manufacturers Xfer & u-he are one of the most popular companies in the music production market. Their synthesizers have become industry standard and pretty much every music producer across the globe is well familiar with their plugins Serum & Diva to name a few. Music producers and audio engineers anticipated a Black Friday 2020 Sale on Xfer Serum &

Cymatics, Ghosthack, and Loopmasters are one of the world-leading music companies offering their best-selling sample packs for every genre. Expect some sharp deals on single sample packs, free products, and huge discounts on bundles on Black Friday. A lot of the sample packs are up to 80% off as well as FREE high-quality products. We are here to list the

The holiday season has officially started and the market is full of exciting industry deals and offers. Cyber Monday which hits this year on 30th November is a marketing term for the Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States. It was created by retailers to encourage people to shop online. The music retail industry also witnesses the Cyber Monday sales in full swing as plugin manufacturers,

Probably one of the most awaited deals of this Black Friday & Cyber Monday for every music producer has arrived. Fabfilter known for its state of the art plugins has slashed 25% off all it's plugins for Black Friday 2020. It won't be wrong to say that some of the Fabfilter plugins like Pro Q3, Pro R, Pro L2, Saturn,

Vocals form a core integral part of the modern-day music production process. Autotune plugins are fairly common nowadays and musicians not only use them for lead vocals but also have found creative use cases of this technology. There aren't many autotune plugins that have a Black Friday sale going on however we have surfed the internet for you and found

Plugin manufacturers have started off with their Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals offering you heavy discounts on plugins for music production. If you have been waiting for a long duration to add the plugin of your choice to your toolset, now is the time. There are hundreds of plugins out there however it's quite tough to figure what might

Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are here offering you enormous discounts on sample packs for music production. It's hard to find an outlet that doesn't have an ongoing sale at the moment and with so many out there it's quite tough for a music producer to find all the deals and figure out what would be the best for

Selecting the right plugins for the right sounds in your track can be a hard thing to do as there are so many outstanding plugins on the market. As Black Friday is coming close, plugin manufacturers are offering their best plugins at a low price for everyone out there. We are here to list the best Black Friday discounts on

Spitfire has been collecting the most extraordinary sample libraries for film score production over the years. Music composers like Hans Zimmer and Eric Whitacre are advocates and participants in Spitfire's huge library as its covering all of the samples used in the best-selling movies of all time. Spitfire is launching its black weekend sale including huge discounts, deals, and the

This coming Friday is all about huge discounts, sharp sales, and free products for you to add to your collection. A special day for every producer out there to add more weight to their toolset and be unique in every step of writing a song. We are collecting the best deals from the best companies all over the world and