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Black Tiger Sex Machine is currently changing the game with their newest tour, 'Portals,' as it is completely reimagining the way live events are thought of. There are shows, and then there are experiences. While both are worth the price of admission, being fortunate to be a part of an experience is something you can't find every day, and Black Tiger

Canadian artist, Isabelle Rezazadeh has quickly distinguished a name for herself by using a dark, twisted, and mystical approach to her production. Throwing it back to her 'Something Wrong Here' album, the "Space Mom" or as many refer to as REZZ has created her own style of music that can easily induce you into a hypnotic trance-like state without warning. With deep

Ever After Music Festival has easily become one of Canada's most recognised electronic festivals by consistently evolving throughout the five years in action. From successfully pleasing attendees with a bass-doused lineup, attendees in Canada have proven that there is nothing better then a full fledged weekend of bass and house music. With PK Sound extending their relationship with the event, fans will