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Today, mau5trap, the label fronted by deadmau5, is treating us to another anticipated volume of the 'We Are Friends' series, which rounds up some new and exciting music coming out from the staple artists of the well-loved imprint. 'We Are Friends, Vol.10'  encourages fans to enter the city of WAFX, where they will be greeted with artists that have been imperative to the label's history

Easily one of the world's most respected music producers, deadmau5 has been consistently evolving his music throughout the years. Recently celebrating 11 years since the day of his iconic release known as "Strobe," deadmau5's forward-thinking sound truly holds a special place in our hearts. Taking fans back on a trip down memory lane, deadmau5 has just released his 100th episode of mau5trap

BlackGummy delivers his seventh official release on deadmau5's record label, mau5trap, in the form of a brand new extended play. Featuring four mind-boggling tracks, this EP entitled 'Monolith' showcases the Los Angeles based producer's abilities to present such top-notch content and takes its audience through a riveting experience from beginning to end. 'Monolith' marks BlackGummy's third EP and also possesses a