Blue Tag

Teaming up with British singer/songwriter Stevie Appleton, Tiësto has just released their new laid-back single "Blue" on Musical Freedom. The Dutchman has set his sights on recovering from a busy summer and autumn schedule, with some studio time proving rather fruitful for him, after the recent releases of fan-favourite "God is Dancer" and the latin-inspired anthem "Acordeão" with Moska. "Blue" sees Tiësto strip back his iconic sound

The cake throwing throwing DJ/producer who we all know as Steve Aoki, is set to release a memoir detailing parts of his life. All starting from a very young age, the relationship between him and his father, his rise to stardom and fame in the music industry, the fashion projects that he has picked up along the way, the making

Amid a backdrop of sun-kissed beaches, beautiful people, addictive beats and some of the most impressive show production in the world, We Rave You had the honor of being witness to the magnificent magic of a place that is the epicenter of electronic music – the beautiful Balearic island of Ibiza. Ibiza has been dominating electronic music headlines for decades, and

Steerner and Martell deliver happy moments with the release of their new EP – "Sun EP". Fans of the pair have been eagerly awaiting the release of some new material after countless song snippets and pictures of the pair in the studio. "Sun EP" is blessed with 3 tracks; "Sun", "Crystals" and "Blue", which has been in the making for several