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Bootshaus, one of Germany's top clubs, is not getting demotivated with all the lockdowns. Doing what it does best which is overperforming, the Cologne club is welcoming Bootshaus XR which is a new immersive event on January 30, presented by Absolut Vodka. Bootshaus is back with a new digital experience, after the success of Bootshaus VR in 2020 with over 1,000,000

By now we all know the news, Hardwell and Blasterjaxx have teamed up for their brand new collaborative project Jaxxwell. First announced and brought to light a few days ago, Bootshaus posted a teaser of the single 'Bootshaus ID' to be released on Friday, and now it is finally here. Kicking off the new year in style, Hardwell and Blasterjaxx have teamed up to release a long-awaited track that fans

Yellow Claw has been absolutely destroying their virtual sets in the best way possible across the globe which range from EDC Las Vegas's Virtual Rave-A-Thon and Tomorrowland's Around The World. Providing hope that we are getting closer to experiencing the in-person show setting and top-notch visual production while maintaining safety precautions, the organizations behind Germany's iconic venue Bootshaus and the Lanxess Arena have

The iconic Bootshaus Club in Cologne (Germany) has just announced they will be closing its doors until April 19th after the measures adopted by the local German government ahead of the Covid-19 concerns that is striking Europe right now. The music festival scene is currently going through hard times. In fact, it's difficult to remember the last time we experienced a

Lining up top performances one after another, Cologne based Bootshaus Club is looking to build on its recent success on the DJ Mag Top 100 Clubs ranking and deliver a fantastic 2018 to its well-wishers. With shows featuring Diplo, DJ Snake and many others top notch DJs & entertainers already on the trot, the German club is looking to showcase

Having climbed up the rankings on DJ MAG's Top 100 Clubs list, Cologne based Bootshaus Club is on the lookout to make 2018 their very own success story. While famous Berlin based clubs such as Berghain started on the same footing, Bootshaus - which is about to celebrate its 14th year running at the 'warehouse' - has taken time to

While DJMag's highly coveted and much awaited Top 100 DJs rankings may be the magazine's standout attraction, many still trust the brand's Top 100 Club rankings as one which is more worthy and - evidently -less controversial. Although the DJ rankings see far more participation from the fans and general public - an upward of 1 Million people vote in

Amidst the pulsating animus that breeds between Underground music's apparatchiks and 'mainstream EDM' lovers, Cologne based Bootshaus Club finds itself in an interesting position in today's Electronic Music industry. Located in western Germany's cultural hub, the club has reserved for itself - after extensive coverage by global outlets - the bragging rights of being a club which has become one of