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Brazil has an unmatched influence on the world of electronic dance music, with a whole host of iconic and talented artists and also hosting home to some of the worlds most renowned clubs and festivals. It comes as no surprise the team behind D-Edge clubs in Rio de Janeiro is opening a brand new superclub with the name of Surreal which promises

Both members of management company Shots Studios, Swedish superstar Alesso joined Anitta for the wonderful Brazil Carnaval, with the South American vocalist introducing the 'Calling' producer to the 600,000 crowd in Rio de Janeiro. Having recently collaborated together on "Is That For Me", Alesso and Anitta made their way through the streets on a boat-shaped float. “This was my first Carnaval

Swedish maestro Alesso is no stranger to experimentation in music production, with each of his recent releases diversifying further, effortlessly transcending genres. As an artist whose style is somewhat unpredictable, the motives and influences behind each individual release are truly fascinating. Recently, Alesso sat down with Billboard to discuss his views on Brazilian funk, and being stuck in a particular

One of Mexico's biggest annual music festivals, The BPM Festival is putting on quite the show for their 10-year anniversary edition. Still hosted at the picturesque Playa Del Carmen, the elite and budding talent from the underground sub-genre of electronic dance music will be showcased for 10 whole days. However, recently announced news in regard to the brand's future will surely add