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These days, the name Eric Prydz is more closely associated with his jaw-dropping live shows, where events like EPIC, HOLO, and this summer - VOID - wow audiences with their holographic visuals and awe-inspiring laser beams. But away from his life as a DJ, Prydz has also amassed a sensational reputation as one of the finest dance music producers of all

It might be tough to believe now, given the dark and mysterious nature of Eric Prydz and his progressive productions, but once upon a time, the Swede was responsible for one of dance music's cheesiest radio edits. Born in September 2004, 'Call On Me' showcased Eric's penchant for a thumping bassline, with the catchy hit scoring commercial success all across

Having garnered worldwide acclaim thanks to his recent ‘HOLO’ show, Eric Prydz is best known as one of dance music’s most innovative producers. The Swede, a progressive master responsible for huge hits like ‘Opus’ and ‘Lillo’, has demonstrated his quality over many years across his Pryda and Cirez D monikers, but it was 2008’s ‘Pjanoo’ which was one of the