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Are you looking for something loud, heavy, and exceptionally lively to listen to? You can’t go wrong with EDM music. Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is a set of percussive electronic music genres produced mainly for dance-based entertainment environments. These may include night clubs and sports betting establishments such as sbobet. Many people like EDM for its welcoming and soothing nature. EDM has

One of the greatest parts of being a fan of electronic dance music is discovering new music. No matter if it is a new song by one of your favorite producers, a new genre or even a yet undiscovered gem by a newcomer. In the dense jungle of tracks that are being released every month, it is sometimes hard to find

A Swedish progressive House hero who rose to fame under the stewardship of the legendary Sebastian Ingrosso, Alesso has carved a reputation as one of EDM’s biggest names. We Rave You honour the Swede with our Top 10 Alesso tracks of all time: 10) Raise Your Head One of Alesso’s earliest productions, synthy electronica chords utilise a thumping build, before the typically

Sebastian Ingrosso and Alesso’s collaboration for “Calling” helped continue a precedent of major commercial crossovers with the dance music scene. Enthralling festival goer’s and radio listener’s around the globe before it became the vocal version most know and love today, it was a mighty instrumental in its own right. Going on to distinctive career highlights, the duo, have carved their names into